Task Force 1

Task Force 1: Do you read me?

As a Single Working Mom I am truly a master of task management.  When you are in this category the only person you can delegate to is yourself. What better way to kick off blogging about SWM-hood than to start with the ridiculous menagerie of trying to juggle EVERYTHING on your own?

The other day I took off of work early to go see Maycee’s 1st grade class lead chapel at her school.  I was one of only 3 parents I recognized from her class to show up to watch.  One of the other moms grabbed ahold of my arm at the end of the presentation and said to me that she just needed to “bond” with another mom about how adorable all of the kids were.  “Adorable”: completely correct.  “Bond”?  I’m not so sure about…

This woman is of a different variety from mine…the SAHM kind…of which, if I’m not careful…I find myself begrudging and brimming green all over with jealousy when in her presence.  As we walked out of the chapel and talked it became apparent to me how opposite our lives were–that the only shred of commonality we had was that our children were really bright kids and we love their school.  We continued conversing in the hallway by Maycee’s class,  and the topic turned to “getting things done”.  I won’t go into detail, but one comment totally struck me: she said, and I quote, “Oh, I know (referring to earlier discussion about the 20-mile drive we do from Nipomo to Santa Maria every day on behalf of their education)…when it’s my friend’s turn to drive the boys to school (she carpools)…it’s like, wow, you mean I can actually get a load of laundry done?”  I believe I stood there, for the first time since I can remember, speechless.  KASEY SPEECHLESS.  This is a savory moment to be sure.  

“EVERYTHING on your own…”

This SAHM is grateful to get started on her laundry at 8:00AM instead of 8:40AM, and here I can’t even fathom starting a load of laundry during the week before 6:00 at night.

I usually have enough laundry to fill up at least 2-3 loads of clothing (this doesn’t even touch the linens), of which I toss the first load of laundry in whilst I’m unpacking Maycee’s backpack, feeding the dogs, starting dinner, then listening to Maycee do her reading homework, trying not to overcook whatever I’m making, running back to take the first load out and get the second load in, then finishing dinner.  Maycee’s done reading, she eats, then we get ready to do her bath, oh yeah, the first load is now done drying,  but I put off taking it out until after bath while Maycee crawls into bed (it’s 9:00Pm now, BTW),  and I hurriedly put the second load into the dryer.  The third load (if I have one) will just have to wait until another day, and of course, the second load in the dryer sits there until tomorrow night.  It will be wrinkled, and the first load may or may not be wrinkled, sitting in the laundry basket.

Two wrinkled loads to fold that won’t make it into my closet until maybe the 3rd or 4th day of the week because we only got home at 6:00 tonight since we didn’t have any errands to run–freakishly unusual.  Did I mention doing the dishes (it’s now usually 10:00PM), putting away toys, cleaning up the counter, oops forgot to feed the fish and check on the cat, unpack my own bag from work, open the mail (if I remembered to bring it in), organize the bills…and last but not least….did I mention doing the dishes already?  Oh ya….the trash needs to go out, too.  (If you are out of breath, I’ve only breeched the surface…smile, it’s going to be okay.)

Task Force 1: It’s 11:00, time for bed. 

Task Force 1: Over and Out.


Author: singleworkingmomswm

I love to write, and I love raising my daughter. The two combined have prompted me to create a blog about being a single working mom. Life's a trip, and I tend to take the windy roads.

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