Fried Fridays and Spring Break

Today is Friday.  Typically on the radio you hear TGIF’s resounding and people getting all excited for their two whole days off.  We talk about it in the office at work, and friends sometimes post their plans on Facebook.  Today is Friday.  For me, Fried Friday, as I think I’m going to call it. 

Fried Fridays consist of one of two situations: either I’m driving Maycee down to Santa Barbara to meet her dad for visitation, or I it’s my turn to have her, and I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to get chores done and yet still provide a fun and entertaining weekend.  Either way…by the end of my work-week, I’m spent, and honestly, she is, too.  We are away from home on an average of 10 hours each day.  By the time the weekend is here, who wants to do anything or go anywhere?  If we are driving to Santa Barbara, that’s another hour in the car for her, and for me, and extra 3 hours of total driving for the day, making for a 12-hour shift.

Today is Friday, and I’m particularly tired (I think) because I’ve had the difficult task of trying to find childcare for Maycee during her upcoming Spring Break.  For the past two years she has been able to spend the time with her grandma, my mom, down south.  It is a win-win-win situation: I get some extended time alone to try and “catch up” on thisthatandtheother, my mom gets to spend gobs of time with her grandkid, and Maycee gets to relax.  No big schedules to keep or early wake-up times, no dress code to adhere to–just fun, fun, fun at Grandma’s.  Unexpectedly, this Spring Break is going to be different.  So, I’ve been on the phone calling and on the computer emailing everyone I know who could possibly be available and have had minimal success.  While I’ve gotten 3 out of 5 days covered-between two women- that leaves 2 days that look like I will be taking a “vacation” myself, unfortunately unpaid.  Hmmm, and 2 of the 3 days I will have to pay for a sitter-DOUBLE WAMMY!

While I know it is easy for us SWM’s to focus, if not OBSESS , on what WE might be missing out on, I tend to worry more about what Maycee misses out on…I never had to spend my Spring Breaks or Christmas Vacations or Thanksiving Holidays or Summertime waking up early to be toted over to a friend of my mom’s (or daycare) for the entire day while she worked.  Nope.  I got to hang out in my jammies, absorb extra hours of Scooby Doo or Mighty Mouse, play Barbies, make mudpies in the yard, and enjoy not being in school.  Every time a vacation period arises, I have to wonder what I’m going to do…where’s Maycee going to go…I tend to get the sweats and break out into fear-driven-anxiety–no, really!  And, well, she deserves better than that.  The only consolation I have is that she doesn’t know anything different, so she gets excited about visiting others and checking out different digs-most of the time.  I’m a lucky mommy.

Yes, it is Friday.  Fried Friday.  Spring Break is a week away. Can’t do anything about it today.  I have Maycee for the next two weekends in a row.  I think we’ll go ride horses tomorrow and worry about later-later.  Sounds like a plan.  TGIF. 


3 responses

  1. I thought this was going to be a mouth-watering story about french fries.

    Yeah, the weekends don’t mean the same as they did when we were all kids, when the weekends meant playtime. Then it was stoked Fridays. Now it really is Fried Fridays.

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