Milk, Coffee, and the Long Spoon

I usually have tea at the end of the evening.  It has been, for quite a while, the small piece of “for me” that I look forward to once the night is quiet and I am left to visit with my own head and ponder the occurrences of the day.  Summer on the Central Coast is not hot and blustery.  Last year I think we glistened about five hot days strung together, total.  TOTAL.  Where my yellow submarine sits we typically see fog this time of year, and that is the case right now, as I write.  In fact, the last two nights we’ve had what I would describe as “Scooby Doo” weather.  I can hear the theme song of the old Scooby’s playing in the background, creepy ghosts with glowing red eyes, and soupy clouds that seeps into the graveyard creating shadows and spooky shapes.  “Scooby Doo, where are you?????”

 The stillness of these nights, for me, an SWM on speed-dial, is a welcome event.  It’s calm outside, not too cold (I ran the heater most of the summer last year), and it appears I can actually hear myself think.  THOUGHTS.  LOTS OF THOUGHTS.  This can be good, this can be bad.  Lately, it’s getting better.  Now, about the milk, coffee, and notes on the long spoon.  Last night, I decided instead of my usual tea that I would sip on some day-old coffee mixed with warm milk.  Sounds totally gross, right?  Right.  But, with just the correct amount of sugar, I could make it work.  Plus, I needed to pull another long-nighter, and the extra caffeine would come in handy.  When I went to open my silverware drawer to pull out a spoon, one of a particularly peculiar nature stared at me: Maycee’s long spoon.  First Thought to come to my mind: I don’t need to use this long of a spoon to stir my coffee.  Second Thought: it’s for ice cream sundaes.  Third Thought: it’s Maycee’s.  Fourth Thought: she’s asleep and won’t know. Ha!  The truth comes out…

What I love about this spoon is the course behind which Maycee chose it.  We were at-can you guess?  I’ll let you guess.  Go on……yes!  THE DOLLAR TREE.  If I ever go a few weeks without writing a post about my thrifty grocery trips to the Dollar Tree, I may just have won the lottery.  And, if that happens, it will surely be a Godly miracle because I don’t play the Lottery.  Okay, I digress.  We were at the Dollar Tree.  Maycee was going to be having a sleep over with her Best Buddy (BB), and she wanted to get her a present since it was her first time spending the night.  I told Maycee she could choose two things a piece for her and BB.  Back in the day, when I was  seven, way, way, way, a long time ago when Dinosaurs roamed the foothills, I would have immediately bee-lined it for the toy section.  That’s if we had a place like the Dollar Tree.  We didn’t, but if we did…Maycee, however, went to the craft section first.  There, she chose two little birdies adorned on wires, waiting to be stabbed into a pot of silk flowers or woven into a tree-branch wreath of purple, pink, and yellow violets.  Next, over in the food aisle (I was, after all, grocery shopping) she saw spoons.  One spoon per wrapper.  With a long handle.  Silver, shiny, plain, simple.  She chose the spoon: two spoons, one for her and one for BB.  Hmmmmmm….I asked her, “Are you sure that is what you want?”  She replied with that ‘whyareyouaskingmethis’ look, “Yes, why not?  We can use them tonight! BB will love it!”  Well, no reason, really.  Of course, what am I thinking?! Let’s get the spoons!  Everybody shout, “Hooray for the spoons!”

Maycee's Spoon

Both girls seemed content with Maycee’s choices once BB arrived.  That evening I don’t even think we had time for ice cream sundaes to test out those suckers, but the kids had fun all the same.  BB took her gifts home the next day, and our long spoon went in the silverware drawer along with the other BORING OLD REGULAR SPOONS.  Now, every day when I open that drawer, Maycee’s spoon is facing the opposite direction of the others and spends its time in the knife section due to its length.  When I look at it, I get the impression it is an upside down head, relaxing, smiling, and prompting, “Choose me.  Choose me.”  What drew Maycee to buy a spoon that day for a prize?  I don’t know and probably never will.  It was one of those little moments that I chuckled about and marveled over because in her creative little mind she had a purpose for that selection and one that was probably far beyond eating ice cream.  Or not.  But, I agree.  It was worthy, and as I decided to make a change and go coffee and milk verses tea and creamer at 9:30 at night, I chose the long spoon to mix in the sugar, to make it sweeter, to help the clock tick faster. 

Right now it is just beyond 24 hours later, yet it seems like moments ago I was sitting at my student-sized computer desk, in the same room, drinking my let’sjustpretendittastesokay coffee.  The trick must have worked….now, where is your long spoon?  Keep your eyes open, look for what you normally wouldn’t see.  I’m off to bed: it’s an early 10:30.  Now, go on, I dare you to giggle, and be happy.


Author: singleworkingmomswm

I love to write, and I love raising my daughter. The two combined have prompted me to create a blog about being a single working mom. Life's a trip, and I tend to take the windy roads.

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