Black Cloud Be Gone!!!! (Classic SWM)

I highly doubt that too many employees have been given a sign such as the one reads above (minus the “Classic SWM), most certainly not by his/her boss. I’m one of the lucky ones. Or, rather, is it that I’m not so lucky? Lucky? Not so lucky? Well, geez, I just do not know, but I’ll side with the positive choice. I also just happen to go through what seem to be endless strains of unfortunate circumstances, varying in magnitude-some make me laugh out loud, some make me cry so hard my face becomes unrecognizable. .Which is why one sunny day, about a year and half ago, my boss called me into her office. Well, that’s not really why she called me into her office…backtrack…but I was in a “hitmewithyourbestshot” wave…the timing was beautiful. I walked in and there, taped to the wall behind the chair I was about to inhabit, was a sign. Rainbow letters, big and bold, shouted: Black Cloud Be Gone!!!! It was a day I will never forget, as my boss adorned me with the happy news that I had reached one week’s paid vacation and 6 days of sick pay status. Sing praises, hallelujah! Yes, Black Cloud, be gone with you, and right now. Since that day, whenever troubles seem to find me, and they often know my hiding places, I pull that sign out (of course I kept it).

Now, it’s sitting on my desk. Beneath my telephone. Staring at me.

Maycee’s been sick-very sick-for almost two weeks. This past weekend we had two ER visits encompassing an external ear infection, a viral fever, AND a common cold, none of which this mommy-nurse could disipher was causing the other, probably because in the end the doctor determined they were all completely unrelated illnesses. My poor baby’s body was just spent. In classic SWM fashion I fretted between being the best mom a working woman can be and being a working woman period. Classic SWM.

Add to that a strange bug bite (on my forearm) that hurt and itched all at once making an expanded red circle, a charley-horse the size of a golf ball stretching my right calf muscle beyond the bones, the check-engine light coming on in the car, and last-but-not-least, my outside waterhose faucet busting while trying to water the lawn and spewing water everywhere for an entire night…well, mommy’s body was done, too.

Nine days later, four days’ help from grandma-down-south later, and lots n lots of ear drops, Motrin, and fluids later, Maycee is indeed on the mend. Yesterday and counting, the bug bite is dwindling, the calf muscle is just about returned to it’s normal capacity, the check engine light was a false alarm, and the best neighbor ever fixed the faucet free of charge, Mommy is indeed on the mend, as well. Throw in a “I can’t handle the stress” shopping spree at our new Target last night (buyer’s remorse vacate the premises until bill time, please), even better.

Black Cloud, You’re Outta Here!!!!

Here’s to a fabulous, fretless weekend for us all. Be happy, and give a chuckle!


4 responses

  1. It’s always hard when the kid is sick. Throw in bug bites, check engine lights and leaking water- and, well, forget about it. Black cloud be gone, indeed. Maybe someone should sell a spray, “Black Cloud B-Gone.” I would buy that.

    • LOL!  Yes, Jeff, that would be super cool to have something we could spray on ourselves to rid us of black clouds.  But, unfortunately, they come with living in this crazy world!  I always remind myself with these nuisances that this is all they are, county my blessings, as there are much worse things around!  Hugs!

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