Christening George Foreman (the grill)

Greasy, scraped up, and left in a pile amidst all of my other belongings in the church hall I looked at my favorite George Foreman grill with disgust.  There was no way in this world that I would even consider cooking a Spamsteak for my dog on the thing the way is was returned to me.  There was no way I wanted to try to load it into the back of the Little Black Stallion, take it to the apartment complex I was fearfully calling “home” and try to clean off what reminded me of every painful memory instilled by the man who I thought had wrecked my life. I just looked at it, I’m sure with quivering lips and tearful eyes, trying to keep it all back with Maycee by my side and said, “Anyone who wants this can have it.”

The church hall was being used as a collection station for the annual May rummage sale.  The church hall was also being used as a dumping ground for what were the pieces that had been left behind in a house that held nothing but remorse and humiliation and dwelled homestead to a man who predicated tornado upon tornado. Because I wouldn’t set foot in the house, he was told to deliver my personal belongings to the church, which he did, in no uncertain callous terms.  Many items broken, with no care whatsoever taken to organize them or even a meager attempt to protect the fragility of mementos, he left boxes and clutter for all to see without warning.  I got the call from a church friend early one morning before work asking me if I knew all of my “stuff” was there…in the church hall…blended nicely with items that were to be sold, proceeds to be used for various projects. Of course, I didn’t know.

That was then…this is now. Over three years later I eagerly anticipated his arrival last week.  With birthday money received back in August, I had to give in to the notion that I could actually spend it on something frivelous, something I wanted and was easily surviving without, something that would signal to me yet again progress made, something that to me means staying put, believing in home.  This time…I’m…not…letting…ANYONE…take…him… from…me. 


Sunday in between working myself to the tailbone in the yard and keeping tabs on my daughter and her little neighbor buddy while they played,  I decided to invite George out of the box, finally!  He’d sat in the patio room for about a week, and now, even though I was tired and felt like putting my feet in a large pan full of ice I decided to put him together.  After all, the box would be put to good use (as you can see), and I was ready to enjoy a small pleasure I had left to others for the last few years whilst I sculpted my life back, declared myself NEW AND IMPROVED, and let Maycee blossom once again into a vibrant bouquet.  I found the perfect spot for George on the corner of my deck, close to the patio outlet, and smiled a grin that I’m sure spanned earlobe to earlobe with total satisfaction.  He was shiny, he was clean, he was perfect.

George's box came in handy for cardboard bus building!

After the bags of yard clippings were taken to the trash, the little neighbor buddy went home, and our pumpkins (being the eve of Halloween) were on the table ready to carve, I plugged George in, popped off his lid, and threw some tri-tip steaks on the grill that I just happened to have in the fridge.  Within minutes they were sizzling with seasoned salt, and as I watched them cook to just the right amount of faint pink, I felt my shoulders drop and a sense of accomplishment hit deep down into my belly-not only because I knew the meat was going to taste fabulous, but more so because christening George affirmed to me one more tiny step in the right direction. I’d cook a lovely Spamsteak for the dogs on this guy; pan-frying to the wayside, I plan to cook many things for many people for many years to come–all on my new George.

Readers, can you tell this was a momentous occasion?  Why, I bet you can!

It takes time…everything takes time…from following the offthebeaten paths of experience to grilling the perfect tri-tip steak.  But, when you actually get the grill (pun intended) to do it, LOOK OUT!

Oh, ya, and we had a successful one of these, too! What a treat!

I’m happy to say that I will have a guest post this Friday featured on The Monster In Your Closet’s FTIAT (For This I Am Thankful) guest blog.  I am humbled that I was asked to participate as Deborah has become one of my inspirations to continue sharing my lessons of strength and hope.  I encourage you to visit her amazing site.  Have a fantabulous rest of the week, be happy, and give a chuckle.


Author: singleworkingmomswm

I love to write, and I love raising my daughter. The two combined have prompted me to create a blog about being a single working mom. Life's a trip, and I tend to take the windy roads.

8 thoughts on “Christening George Foreman (the grill)”

  1. Congratulations on one more step moving in the direction of your future!!! I had the same combined feeling of elation and relief when I painted my bedroom Sage Green, instead of “dorm white” like my ex wanted to before he left. My home is now soothing shades of blue/grey. All the furniture has been replaced or repainted and the artwork has been changed. I have made this space mine and eliminated all traces of the “was-band”.

    Each step is scarey and exciting at the same time. Scarey because it’s in a direction you never imagined yourself going (divorced & single-parenting) and exciting because you can see glimpses of your dream and your colours (instead of only what he wanted – I’m taking a leap and guessing he was pretty self-absorbed based on how he treated your belongings and that you didn’t want him at your new place).

    I’m very happy for you!!

    1. Thanks for the wonderful comment, Holly. Yes, each step towards becoming more of who I am and want to be as a parent and a single mom is rewarding…at least after a few long years of rebuilding I am seeing it that way. Self-absorbed was one of many traits this man possessed, I could also add liar, cheater, and untreated obsessive compulsive (my attempt at diagnosis). It was a rough ride, glad it’s over, and thankful it was short-lived. I can’t imagine what shape I would have been in (or Maycee) had it been a longer one, geez louise! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! I’m nervous and excited about FTIAT coming up Friday. Deb has so many followers… And, yes, I love George!! I am so excited about him still that I stopped by the market last night with Maycee and grabbed up chicken to grill for dinner. Again, he cooks with ease, and it tasted fabo. Maycee said, “Mom, nothing better than grilled chicken. It’s so much better than pan-fry.” Ha, ha! I love it when she copies me verbatum (well, some times). 🙂

  2. I know I’m “on vacation,” but that doesn’t mean I can totally stop peeking at my favorite blogs. I was going to “Like” this even before I saw that end note.

    I’m very, very excited, and looking forward to reformatting the post tonight–bad WordPress, for eating the post the first time around!

    Looking forward to your post’s go-live in 1.5 days. ♥

    1. Ha! I wondered if you’d come out of hiding…hee, hee…you’re great, and thank you for everything, for being you, for keeping me as a favorite, and for creating FTIAT. I’m getting more and more excited, too!! Happy sorta vacationing, and hugs!

  3. It’s so important to recognize how far we’ve come and the obstacles we’ve overcome as we take each step, one at a time. I wish you & George many happy-tummy-satisfying years to come! Great post, Kasey!

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