“Love”-what does it really mean?

This Friday night after work/school I will be driving Maycee to be with her dad, a ritual I perform diligently every other weekend with only a few sporadic changes in schedule during the year.  Our meet spot is about half-way between our homes, and it takes me approximately one and half hours to make the trip one way.  Through a sizeable portion of this drive there is no radio reception, so on the way down with Maycee in the back seat listening, I play music she prefers.  On the way back home, if her preference involves listening to the Chipmunk’s Shipwrecked CD for instance, I may change out the disk and put in something that Mommy enjoys a little bit more-and don’t get me wrong-I don’t ALWAYS make the change.  There are times I’m in the mood to rock out to high-pitched furry creatures singing-yes, there are times…

However, the last couple of trips I’ve been stuck on my One Republic album, Dreaming Out Loud, in particular, a song entitled Won’t Stop.  As the music begins with the piano playing a simple melody and the drums pitter-pattering into a steady beat I feel myself slipping into MaryTylerMooremode where I’m bouncy and bright, my eyes are wide open, I’m loving life with an ear-to-ear grin, believing that I would look fabulous in a pleated suitskirt with tall boots in the middle of winter-darnit-if only I could find a cool, pleated suitskirt, and if only it wasn’t back to mid-70’s temps here on the Central Coast.  Shoutin’, “You’re gonna make it after alllllllll!”  There’s just something about this song that gets me, puts me into a beautiful mood: one line that repeats, “I swear it’s you, I swear it’s you, I swear it’s you that I’ve waited for…” And, the “you” will be different for everyone, but lately the “you” for me (did YOU follow that, ha?!) is ME (keep following…I’ll iron this out, I promise).  This song puts the spirit of self-love in my soul.  “I swear it’s you that my heart beats for, and it ain’t gonna stop.  No, it just won’t stop.”  Sound corny?  Well, that’s just going to have to be alright. Indeed.

Love is defined by Merriam-Webster.com as “to hold dear: cherish”. Cherish is defined as “to feel or show affection for, to keep or cultivate with care and affection”.  How do we so easily proclaim love to others and in the same breath think the worst about ourselves?  I’m guilty: guilty as charged of doing this much of my life, off and on, typically feeling “okay” when things are going well and also considering myself the worst human being on the planet when times are troubled.  The fact is the world turns exactly the same way regardless of whether I seek the Nobel Peace Prize, make the best Nestle Toll House cookies, pay my tithes faithfully, or keep the cleanest house.  I don’t have to be the prettiest mommy, the skinniest girlfriend, the smartest worker, the coolest drummer , or the anythingest period to warrant being loved.  I just need to exist as I am, flawed and destined to be perfectly imperfect the rest of my journey.

“Cultivate with care and affection.”  This new year I set out some resolutions, each one having to do with this idea of self-care.  As whole-heartedly as I love my daughter, love my mom and dad, love my sister and (newly found) brothers,  love my boyfriend, love my friends, love my co-workers, love my dogs, my cat, my fish, my frogs, I must invest in holding dear to the one and only me.  And, as I’m learning to do this more in my later 30’s, I’m finding that the love I embellish on all of the afore mentioned comes with enthusiasm and without burden.  Effortless.  Love begets love.  It is my mom who told me when I was an adolescent and having difficulty with my peers that if I put out positive energy I would attract positive people.  She was right.  The folks that surround my circle today are no-less short of amazing–Wordpress bloggers included!  But-and this is important to remember-it is much easier to put out positive energy when you cherish your own humanity.  After all, if I have affection for who I am, value myself and my worth as an individual, then my aura will be glimmering with gold sparkles-and, who doesn’t want to be around gold sparkles?  Come on!  Are you with me?!  Okay, silver sparkles (I forgot Maycee would want silver; silver is better she tells me) if you like!  Rainbow! Pink! Blue! Green! Red! And, don’t forget purple!  Starting with el numero uno the love will flow across, down, around, and within far more abundantly than if I hang on to what is incredibly wrong with Kasey.

So, this post is dedicated to the true meaning of love.  This post is dedicated to loving you, loving me.  Paul Williams writes, “Love is all around, no need to waste it.  You can have the town, why don’t you take it!”  Yes!  And, emphatically exclaim, “It ain’t gonna stop.  No, it just won’t stop.”  Now, go ahead, click on the link above to One Republic’s work of art and see if you don’t just perk up a bit.  Give yourself a big ol’heart-felt hug–no pleated skirt required.

Well, it’s almost 11:00.  You know what that means (or else read last week’s SWM’s Tuesday Tidbits & Tips). My resolution to get more rest and be in bed by this time is staring me in the face.  Life is short, so be happy, and give a chuckle. Readers: I love you, and good night!

*Glowing heart courtesy of Google Images.



12 responses

  1. I love this, SWM! I see your point exaclty…and I am trying hard to get there, I really am. Couldn’t be more in awe of the love you have for yourself. It is truly a gift to have realized it in your thirties. I am certain so many people may never realize it at all. I feel very lucky to have stumbled into SWM’s world…even if it is only online afterall. You have opened my mind more than you think…kudos to you, Kasey! ❤

  2. What sweet comments, Tat2! I’m so happy you are part of my blogosphere, too. 🙂 Sharing our experiences with others makes going through them worth the while. It was fun to write about this realization, and be certain, I still am up and down on any given day (like last night after a terrible 8’s tantrum with my child!). But, it’s the striving that counts, and I believe pays off. You are doing that, and you and your son are worth it! 🙂 Have a terrific day!

  3. “Learning to love yourself, that is the greatest love of all.” — Socrates

    Or, wait, was that Socrates? 😉

    Good words, regardless!

    After all, if I have affection for who I am, value myself and my worth as an individual, then my aura will be glimmering with gold sparkles-and, who doesn’t want to be around gold sparkles? Come on! Are you with me?! Okay, silver sparkles (I forgot Maycee would want silver; silver is better she tells me) if you like!
    I am totally with you, with Maycee-style silver sparkles! And also, I am totally in love with this post. Yes.

    • Thanks so much, Deb. I can see you sparkling every day (now I’ll be picturing silver pixy-type dusty sprinkles around you when I see your pics) with the people you touch through your words and spirit. As for Socrates…well…I’m sure he’d agree whether or not he was the first to say the quote above! ♥♥♥

  4. Thanks, Karen. Well, since it wasn’t always this way, I feel an obligation to spread what I’ve learned through my “travels”. I’m happy the sparkles are making it cross country. 🙂 Some day I hope to make it there in person!

  5. Let`s have a little “wooo-hooo” for yet another insightful blog!!! Loving ourselves is often the most difficult of undertakings, but it’s one of the most important tasks we’ve ever been assigned. I struggle with this too. I look in the mirror and I’m always thinking I’m “too this” or “not enough of that”. In reality, I’m freaking amazing!! And so is everyone else!! Lots of love to you, Kasey!

    • Thanks so much, Holly. You are so right…every human, having been created, is just amazing in and of herself/himself. I’m glad you enjoyed this post so much. I’m feeling the glitter comin’ on! 🙂


  6. Hey, this is a real beautiful post. Alot of thought as been put in it and it is full of things we do not think about very often and take for granted. Very beautiful post making me reflect on me and my love life 🙂 Thank You Kasey ❤

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