SWM’s Tuesday Tidbits & Tips-Dry Erase Boards

Howdy, Everybody!  I was going to write today’s tip post about making a budget…but…I figured I’d spare you the grief and anxiety of thinking about this topic just yet.  With taxes looming over our heads, perhaps I’ll give the subject just a little more time to rest.  Instead, I feel like telling you about my affection and love of the DRY ERASE BOARD.

SWM’s Tuesday Tidbits & Tips #2: Use a dry erase board to keep your week in order and help reduce stress!

The SWM Model 2000-no assembly required

I can remember in high school seeing the transition from blackboards to dry erase boards.  And, as a child, I always liked the wet erase boards, which preceded the dry ones.  It was the ease of being able to write or draw, then ERASE it and do it again without the permanency of pen to paper. I could make mistakes and whisk them away no problem.  The large boards in high school made viewing what the teacher was explaining to us so much easier than chalk.  And, when we’d get called on to go up and do an equation or write a sentence using the cool markers, well, that was the bomb!

Now there are dry erase boards everywhere, for anyone, and any use.  There are dry erase calendars, dry erase boards coupled with bulletin cork boards, small ones, big ones, lined ones, and boards with designs around them. 

My use of the beloved white flat surface helps keep me sane during the week. I started with the idea when I was married to Maycee’s dad.  He and I had different agendas and often would schedule things without the other’s consent.  Thus, havoc was wreaked, arguments brewed, and calendar conflicts pursued.  “Well, I didn’t know you were planning to go there!”  “Well, I told you I was going to do that last week!”  “Well, I forgot!”  Yes, the wonderful excuse of forgetfulness-both of us guilty.  A solution had to be born, and mine was to place a small little dry erase board next to our desk in the kitchen where each week I’d write out the plans we both had: work-related, health-related, baby-related, church-related, whatever the situation.  As long as we checked the board each morning, we’d be fine, right?

Well, marital issues are another blog entirely and not my quandary in this day and age, hallelujah and ho, ho, hoooooooo!

Nope, it’s just Maycee and me.  I still have the same size dry erase board, though, and it’s still in my kitchen-albeit a different kitchen, but my kitchen.  Why in the kitchen? Because this is the room I spend the most time in before and after work.  Sunday night I write out the days of the week.  Next to each day I put any important tasks I need to remember that are different from the normally scheduled program.  I also write on the board any pending “to-do’s” that I’d like to accomplish along with the regular schedule.  These could be household chores, posting SWM’s Tuesday Tidbits & Tips, remembering to hit the market, pick up crickets for the frogs, or watch the Lakers get beat by the Clippers (boohoo).  Then, as each day passes and each item completed, I ERASE THEM! 

There is so much joy in ERASING.  ERASING means it’s done.  ERASING means I get to put something new on the board next week!  It’s a wonderful cycle-so simple.  Ya know?

I’ve done this faithfully since I first began all those many years ago when Maycee was a baby.  Initially used for marriage therapy, it turned into a necessary part of keeping my day-to-day life straight. And, for those who believe we should test our memories and not write everything down so we stay sharp as a tack-well-I wish you good tidings.  This SWM’s brain works better with a little help, a road map, okay, let’s face it: I NEED BIG, BRIGHT BLUE, PURPLE, GREEN, OR RED LETTERS SPELLING OUT EVERYTHING MY MIND HAS TO RECALL.  I take absolutely no shame in the matter.  Hello, my name is Kasey, and I’m a Single Working Mom who can’t remember everything.  The first step is admitting I have a problem.

For more great tidbits & tips that come from true professionals on the matter (if I remember correctly, hardee-har-har), visit this link on time management and organization: http://stress.about.com/od/managetimeorganize/Time_Management_and_Organization.htm

There are plenty of issues in our lives that provide the ability to stew and fret.  Let not the weekly routine or to-do list be one of them.  Now, Readers, away with the gazillion sticky notes, scraps of paper, or mental telepathy and onward with a rainbow of markers, one small eraser, and a little rectangular white board for your planning pleasure.  Until next time…I look forward to you sharing your organizational ideas as well!


Author: singleworkingmomswm

I love to write, and I love raising my daughter. The two combined have prompted me to create a blog about being a single working mom. Life's a trip, and I tend to take the windy roads.

10 thoughts on “SWM’s Tuesday Tidbits & Tips-Dry Erase Boards”

  1. In my office, I have 2 whiteboards and a good old fashioned chalk board. However, I carry my brain in my Franklin-Covey day planner. My other brain, the family calendar, hangs on the refrigerator. I write in pencil on both, just in case I need to erase. Which I do, often.

    1. Thanks for sharing, TM! Yes, my monthly life exists on my desktop calendar at work in which I, too, use pencil. To obtain computer-related reminders I transfer what’s on my desktop to my Yahoo calendar. These both translate to my weekly organizing that ends up on the d.e. board. Such a process! 🙂

    1. Ha, you are welcome Tat2! I actually have 3 of these in the house-one that I use in the kitchen as described. One that is on my fridge that I use for Maycee-little messages, things to work on (with behavior) or whatnot, and Maycee has one (with the corkboard side) in her room! Ha! Good luck! 🙂

  2. I would be lost w/out my calendar and the worst is when I forget to write something in. I admit I am powerless over my memory!! Love the erase board ….. Hannah & I often use one to leave each other messages too! Thanks for the tip Kasey!

    1. You’re welcome, Karen! I put sticky notes on my cell phone when I need to remember to add something to my calendar…And, if I’m out somewhere doing something and have to add something to my “remember” list, I keep a pad of paper and pen in my purse so I can jot a note down, then leave it in the cubby of my car so I’ll remember it when I get home. I’m terrible! 🙂

  3. I used to use these all the time, but it’s been so long since I used the one on our fridge that the words have dried onto them. D’oh! I was almost as bad with my budget spreadsheet. I didn’t look at it at all last month, so that it just occurred to me late yesterday my rent check hadn’t gone out. Double-d’oh! I guess the measures are only as good as our actual use of ’em, eh? 😉

    1. Amen to that, Deb! Ha, ha! We have a dry erase board in Maycee’s room, too, that I thought she’d have so much fun using-alas, only I’ve written “I love you’s” and such on it, and the writing, like yours, has dried onto the board! However, nothin’ that a little dry erase spray won’t fix. Now, you go, girl! XOXO 🙂

  4. A dry erase board is a great idea. When need one over here in these parts. I’ve got about a bizillion little lists and papers everywhere. Too much paper!

    1. Yes, go get one, Jeff! I swear. I love mine and the ability to manipulate my “to do’s” each day as circumstances change so I still make sure I’m getting things done and not forgetting stuff! So great to have you back in my comments, too-yay!

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