SWM’s Tuesday Tidbits & Tips: Enjoy the sunrise

This is going to be my fastest post EVER.  I swear.  I’m going to write it with the speed of lightening, and ohmygosh, I may not even edit it.  I was awakened this morning at 3:45AM by my daughter’s sleepover pal who had a bit of a coughing fit and then screamed out in the deepest of slumber: OUCH! THAT HURT! I lay in bed, my heart beating frantically, wondering if I needed to get up, if I needed to wake HIM up, and then made the executive decision of “yes” to give him a drink of water and an extra pillow.  Yup.  Problem solved, and he slipped deeply back into his peaceful world as I returned back to my covers only to lay still, breathing quickly, waiting to see if anything else would happen.  It didn’t.  And, I lay there until 7:00AM.  Waiting.

So, you get my drift, as I try to tell you what I want to tell you for Tuesday’s tip of the day amidst the weight of heavy eyelids.  However, it’s Easter week, Holy week for us Bible thumpers, and I feel compelled to say these can’tlivewithoutthem words of wisdom I’ve gathered from many years of aging due to stress (so I type these words with bunny ears in tact)…please read further…and further…oh, wait, this is supposed to be a lightening speed post…okay…here goes….

Enjoy the sunrise.  Enjoy it.

Most mornings, today’s no exception only moreso, I awaken when it’s dark to let the pups out to go potty.  I head back to sleep for an hour and then awaken again to prepare for the day.  In between…the sun rises (if it’s not socked in with fog).  I miss it.  Each and every day but one.  Easter Sunday.

This year I will be waking up at 5:00 in the morning and driving over to my new church on the hill, guitar in tow, to sing some songs and watch the sun come up with a handful of willing early risers. It will be mellow with drowsy chatter, and then silence until the words leave my mouth, the melodies take their form, and I’ll look out into the open space and feel a strong presence come over me.  I’ll be bundled up in a heavy coat, scarf and beanie (perhaps with my bunny ears attached).  It will be difficult to move my fingers through the strings in the chill, but I will do it. Maycee won’t be with me this year, and I will be missing her, but I’ll be more ready to hear how well the Easter Bunny treated her at Daddy’s after having this thirty minutes of meditation to settle my heart and count my adundant blessings.

Call it a tidbit, call it a tip, but it’s what I got for ya this week.  Whether it’s for Easter worship or for the simple sake of experiencing the glow of a beautiful star forming into a perfect circle to brighten the sky…take the time…some time…and enjoy the sunrise.  Enjoy it.

I'm serious...Hoppy Easter!

Author: singleworkingmomswm

I love to write, and I love raising my daughter. The two combined have prompted me to create a blog about being a single working mom. Life's a trip, and I tend to take the windy roads.

9 thoughts on “SWM’s Tuesday Tidbits & Tips: Enjoy the sunrise”

    1. A beanie (and perhaps it should be spelled “beenie”, not too sure) is a knitted hat that fits snug on the head-I grew up calling them “sock hats”, but my bf always makes fun of me when I use that term and says, “You mean….a beanie?” LOL.

      1. Ahhhh, we call them toques (like Peregrin Took in the Lord of the Rings tu:k). That’s all the French language up here 🙂

  1. A scarf and coat! We’ve had so little of that this winter…glad to hear it still exists.

    Thank you for the reminder to enjoy the sunrise. It’s one of the simplest things we can do to honor and thank the universe for life and light…so important and holy.

    love to you, and have fun!

    1. Thanks, Chrissy. Funny to think that we’ve had chillier days than you all on the other side of the country. I actually enjoy the chill we get her on the Central Coast of Cali. And, the sunrise, yes, it is one of the most beautiful things on this earth, I believe. I’m really looking forward to it this Sunday. Hugs and love to you, too! 🙂

  2. I LOVE watching the sun rise.

    Call me crazy, but when I’m on vacation I usually wake early and start the day with the arrival of the sun. Whether we’re in the mountains, watching it rise through the mist, or at the beach, watching it break the horizon over the open water, the peace and promise of the new day washes over me.

    Sunday morning I’ll be rejoicing with you (only in sandals).

    1. Oh, that is totally awesome, and not crazy at all. If I had a vacation and somewhere as nice as that to go, I would love to do the same! That time of morning really epitomizes the feeling of hope-I think God intended it that way, don’t you? Pray for us to actually have a clear morning on Sunday-last year it was fogged in (but still very awesome). Sandals, cool! 🙂

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