Celebrating one year of not being mistaken for a Single White Male

Yes!  Yes! Yes!  Today marks the one year anniversary of the SWM blog!  Like the new theme?  I do!  Exclamation points! Yay! Yahoo! Turquoise header!  Wooohooo!  New pictures!  New fonts!  I actually know how to do this! (now moving on…)

When I first decided to write about being a single working mom, it hadn’t occurred to me that the acronym could be mistaken for “single white male” as so beloved personal ads will depict.  I just wanted to describe who I was in the title and gear my thoughts towards others who may be on the same road.  Ohhhhh, it’s become so much more.  Ohhhhh, I’ve come to love each and every one of you who subscribes, reads, or comments no matter which set of train tracks lead you home.

Upon reviewing the start of this project in 2011 I wanted to share some stats:

April 11th: First Post, And So It Begins

April 19th: My first comment arrived via Jeff, from Five Things At Once (his wife is my longest bestest friend, but it still counts).

April 21st: Deb from TMiYC found me….how? How did this published author, fabulous blog extraordinaire venture into SWM-land?  Deb, tell the story if there is any way you remember! All I know is that I did backflips knowing a complete stranger read my words and clicked the “follow  my blog” button.  Now, to refer to you as a “complete stranger” seems sacrelidge.

April 27th: I wrote about my roof leaking like a sieve in the post Metaphors.

As I sit in my office, just finishing a cup of instant vanilla latte coffee, listening to the rain pour down, large droplets sputtering, I feel at ease.  I sit in awe.  The new (free) roof does not leak.   Remembering that so much happens through the course of one year.  Remembering that we never know what is to come.  Wondering what this next year of chronicling will bring.

Celebrating all of you who’ve made life-through words and spirit-seem more doable through the support of many hearts.  Celebrating the healing power of written language.  Anticipating the continued peeling of the proverbial onion humbly with gratitude.

I have a lot more to say.  I have more thoughts than time in the day to share them.  But, seeing as this blog has become a part of me, and that part is largely inhabited by the little girl who allows me to be graced with calling myself a SWM to begin with, I’ll pass along her sweetness from last night as a jumping off point for 2012:

“Mommy, you’re the perfect size mommy.  Not too big, not too small. Just perfect.”  This perfect-sized mommy was grinning so wide her cheeks hurt.

Well, thanks goodness I’m not a single white male.  I’d so be missing out on these hidden jewels.

Blogging rocks!

Here’s to more chuckling.  Here’s to more happiness.  Here’s to remembering life is short, therefore blog and roll folks, and have a T-rrific Wednesday!


Author: singleworkingmomswm

I love to write, and I love raising my daughter. The two combined have prompted me to create a blog about being a single working mom. Life's a trip, and I tend to take the windy roads.

12 thoughts on “Celebrating one year of not being mistaken for a Single White Male”

  1. Seeing your SWM moniker in my inbox always makes me smile because I know there’s going to be a jewel of wisdom to be found. It’s like opening a tiny treasure box! Thanks for sharing and here’s to another fantabulous year of SWM!!

  2. Yay! Congrats to you, SWM! Love, love, love the new digs! Kinda crazy, your first post and my first post have the same title 🙂 hmmm. I agree with you 110% about this blogging world…The comfort found here is like no other. Thank you for always being a positive force for me and as it appears, so many others as well. Have an amazing day and here’s to another year! xoxo!!

    1. Thanks, Tat2. I’m not surprised to find out that our first posts had similar titles. You know what “they” say…great minds! You are welcome, and the same thanks go in return, as going along with you through this journey called life is a true gift. XOXO-SWM

    1. Thanks so much, Karen. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you! I’m so grateful to have “met” you via blogging and built a friendship across the miles. We must email each other soon for some catch-up pen-palling! Hugs! XOXO

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