Feliz Cumpleanos! The Vision

Translation: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Grandma (GG) had a vision: Maycee and I were heading to my mom’s house (where GG resides) to celebrate Mom’s 70th birthday with a party and a white cake.  Great Grandma’s vision was pretty close to correct. The only problem? It was supposed to be a surprise!  One never knows what is going to be “seen” in the mind of a person who has lived over a century long-GG is 101.  One never knows how it is that she can “hear” these things without being told…and she for certain was not told…not one iota of a detail.  Why?  For the same exact reason you don’t tell a little child to keep a secret-it won’t happen!

Regardless, surprise foiled or not (I had to spill the entire can of beans to the Birthday Girl so that she wouldn’t be fretting the now expected unexpected party…) we managed to pull off an earlier arrival down south, balloons filling the Little Black Stallion, a large banner hand-crafted by yours truly, cards, sombreros (Mom loves Hispanic culture), guitars, maracas, sparkling party sunglasses, and lots of heart intended for the most dedicated, hard-working, sweet, and unconditionally loving mom a person will meet.  We made it Friday evening instead of Saturday, as presumed, and received the ohsocoveted response, “What are you doing here now?!  It’s not Saturday!”  Yes!  Success! SURPRISE!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

And, with almost two whole days to enjoy singing (Feliz Cumpleanos a ti!), eating, chatting, coloring, Barbie playing, horse video watching, and catching up on what has been too long of a gap between visits, it was worth every ounce of confusion that arose earlier in the week by the Visionary Centurion (GG).

The Birthday Girl's hiding in the background (hee, hee)

On the way home, a two and half hour drive, Maycee and I agreed that we wished we lived closer to Grandma (Mom). That we could just walk down the street to say “hello” whenever we wanted.  I tried hard not to let the tears fall (unsuccessfully), as  I was grateful to have made her laugh (I’m hoping to get a You Tube video posted of the most hilarious version of “Feliz Cumpleanos” ever created), to have made the extra effort to show her how important she is to me/us, and to have praised the day the earth received the blessing of her birth.

Now, if only you could “beam me up, Scottie”.  I miss my mom already.  I really miss her.  Wait a minute….maybe Great Grandma will have another vision: I’ll be hugging my mom again really soon!

There was definitely a lot of chuckling going on for the merriment of this occasion…so Readers, remember: life is short, be happy, tell those closest to you that you love them, eat cake, and wear a sombrero.  Muchas gracias!


Author: singleworkingmomswm

I love to write, and I love raising my daughter. The two combined have prompted me to create a blog about being a single working mom. Life's a trip, and I tend to take the windy roads.

8 thoughts on “Feliz Cumpleanos! The Vision”

  1. Happy 70th Birthday to your mom. And i have say.. My grandmother is called GG to my kids. 😉 The trip sounds like a success and very enjoyable. I don’t get to see my parents that often so any moment with them is treasured.

    1. Thanks, Fraha! Yes, it was totally fun. I’m bummed, though, as I can’t get the video onto YouTube for some reason to share. Anyhow, I agree, I treasure time with my folks, but especially my mom. It’s hard living further away than a hop, skip, and jump.

  2. God Bless & happy birthday! Cherish those moments (I know you do). Lucky to be able to celebrate w/ your mama. It took me years to adjust to my mom snow-birding down to Florida for the winter. Tell them you love them , eat cake & wear a sombrero! xoxoxo

  3. This is so sweet. I feel the same way about my family, wishing we lived closer (we live about 5 hours away…used to live about a 2 week drive or 10 hour flight away!)…but everyone has to live their own life, and be on their own path. Our moms understand that. xoxo

    1. Thanks, Chrissy. I have to remind myself to be grateful we aren’t further away…I used to live about a 14-hour drive away or a 6-hour flight (with layovers). I only saw my mom a couple times a year at that. At least now it’s “every so often”. Much better. 🙂

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