SWM’s Tuesday Tidbits & Tips: Wipes, Wipes, Everywhere!

My cleaning fav from the Dollar Tree!

Back in the day, long before I knew what it was to me a mom, even longer before I knew what it was to be a single mom, I kept a sparkling dwelling space.  From the ages of pink shag carpet in my bedroom as a little girl to my first mobile home out “on my own” in college at 17, I prided myself in having stellar housekeeping skills.  As time would have it (and I have little like most of y’all), my expectations have waned.  I now enjoy using phrases such as, “Well, at least it’s tidy.”…or…”I try to keep things in order.”…or…”Did the toilet look dirty to you?”…yeah, I’ve learned to let it go–to a degree.

In comes the masterful and glorious invention of the CLEANING WIPE.  Ohmygosh, how I wish I had been the inventor of this magnificent God-send for the I’mtoobusytogetouttheCometandPineSolthisweek working mom.  As I used to have a specifically set-aside cleaning day, now I clean when the moment presents itself.  And, that moment can be at 5:00 in the morning with a burst of extra energy as I let the dogs out to go potty, or it can be at 10:00 at night when I can’t stand seeing the dust around the edge of the bathroom sink any more.  I look to, and cling to, my bottle of CLEANING WIPES!  I wipe away the grime that stalks me, and in turn, I escape, one more time, the tears that would just as soon fall from lack of cleanly prestige.

The tip comes in here, as I’m sure most of you keep at least one bottle of wipes somewhere-and certainly you younger mommies and daddies have baby wipes coming out your ears (they work on bathroom sinks, too, FYI; clean butts, clean sinks, all in one easy-peasy package).  I buy them at the Dollar Tree (I know, shocker!) to save money (I can’t imagine having this quickie habit at $4 per bottle, but $1, absolutely), and I keep a bottle under each bathroom sink (I have two bathrooms), one under the kitchen sink, one in the hall closet for mid-house grabbing, and one in my office where my kitty kat resides in slumberland.  Yes!  A bottle in each area for quick clean-ups that help maintain my sanity.  Along with the bottle of wipes I also keep a basket of grubby towels nearby for final polishing-I haven’t completely abandoned my obsessiveness.

It’s incredibly tough being a neat-freak, type A personality.  If you aren’t: I’m envious.  Please help me to live care-free. But, if you are, and you endure a schedule like mine with minimal breaks and certainly no more special “days of the week” for housekeeping, then WIPES ARE WONDERFUL.  ALL HAIL THE WIPES!

And,  just to be fair, I also sanitize my floors with wet and dry wipes (yeeeeees, Dollar Tree versions).  I guess it’s safe to say I’m a wipe-a-holic.  Well, I don’t drink, smoke, gamble, or overdo much of anything these days, sobeit.

Who says you can't eat off of my floors?

I hope this edition of SWM’s Tuesday Tidbits & Tips was helpful.  I missed it last week-perhaps I was too focused on using my wipes, in the moment, at midnight.

Remember, life is short.  So, here’s to being clean, disinfected, sanitized,  and happy–oh, and chuckling!

**Thanks DollarTree.com for the images!


Author: singleworkingmomswm

I love to write, and I love raising my daughter. The two combined have prompted me to create a blog about being a single working mom. Life's a trip, and I tend to take the windy roads.

11 thoughts on “SWM’s Tuesday Tidbits & Tips: Wipes, Wipes, Everywhere!”

  1. I used to be on the tidy side, if not exactly meticulous, but my expectations have also waned the last few years. Your expression of that made me giggle, by the way, much as Li’l D does when we open the hall closet for something and he sees the Swiffer hidden therein. 😉

    1. Ah, yes, I love the Method brand of all things clean. I wish I could afford to buy it. I have in the past when the dish soaps, etc, have been on sale at Target. The scents do smell nice, and I like that the cleansers aren’t chemically harsh. 🙂

    1. I can only imagine-well, actually I can imagine and do imagine. Maycee acts like she’s two kids! With the way she eats (food landing every mili-second on the counter, her lap, and the floor) and defies washing her hands, well, it’s two for the price of one, LOL. Oh, and then there’s bringing in sugs for show and tell-and don’t forget the snails. 😉 Thanks for reading, Darla!

    1. Well, luckily it’s just me and my daughter (well, and the neighbor boy who LOVES to stay at our house, LOL), our house is pretty small, and I do my best to stay on top of it daily. I do more frozen food cooking and also grabbing “to-go” meals than I ever used to when I was married, though! Thanks for reading, CC! XOXO-SWM

  2. Very familiar….Type A personality. Obsessed with cleaning. All hail the wipes!! I too keep them under each sink & use them for EVERYTHING. Great tip Kasey and great big clean hugs from New York!!

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