My Favorite Day


Wake up, feed the dogs, make coffee, make Maycee’s lunch, do the dishes, wake Maycee up, get showered and dressed, make pancakes for Fun Friday breakfast, off to school and work at 8:30Am.  ***Leave work, run car through car wash, pick Maycee up from school, run home to change for swimming lessons and get a snack, swimming lessons, back home, start oven for dinner, run outside to vacuum out car, back inside to put dinner in oven, back outside to pull weeds, back inside to eat dinner with kiddo, back outside to trim grass and cut down crazy growing grapevines, finish up around 8:00Pm.  Maycee to the bath, Maycee pick up the floor in your room, DVD in the TV before bedtime, change out laundry to the dryer (oh, yeah, that went in before dinner), bathe the dogs, pack bag for tomorrow, Maycee to bed at 9:30Pm, BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOG.


You know it’s coming….Mother’s Day!  For me, this is my most favorite day of the entire year.  It ranks above my birthday, beyond Christmas, and in front of Easter.  I can remember my first Mother’s Day like it was yesterday (well, sort of), going to church and getting the Mother’s Day carnation, breakfast at Cafe 126 with Maycee in her carrier sitting in the booth.  I remember the excitement over getting my first Mother’s Day cards…the joy swelling inside of me because I had this beautiful bundle, my little girl.

Mom, Maycee, and Me…two months before my FIRST Mother’s Day

Nothing pleased me more at that time in my life that bearing the title of “Mom”.

As each year has come and gone, this day still remains my favorite.  The cards have dwindled as we’ve (Maycee and me) gotten older and the “new baby” pink clouds have parted.  But, regardless, I love it, I get excited as it draws near, and I give thanks for the biggest gift that God has blessed me with: Maycee.

I’ve begun celebrating early, as  Maycee asked me to take her to K-Mart to shop for my Mother’s Day gift using her very own money on Tuesday.  “I want to go to the craft section and pick out something to make you, ” she told me.  So, off we went, and I left her alone in the artsy aisle to find the “perfect gift”.  Oh….it was hard.  I’ve never done such a thing without at least having sight of her out of the corner of my eye.  As I returned with the couple of items I needed, her little shopping bag was loaded, and she was ready to hit the check-out line.  Again, I let her tackle the task alone, only keeping within talking distance, my back turned away from the checker as he scanned each item.  I told her no more than $10 could be spent…she went up to $20 (with one thing she bought for herself), but I let it be as I knew this was a big deal for my precocious, growing, 8-year-old.  On the drive home, it was all I could do to fight back the tears, realizing the years that are passing us by, and the milestones yet to achieve.

The past two days she’s worked after school on my presents, her room “off-limits” and the craft table in the patio room, as well.  With minimal assistance, she put everything together including the final wrapping job, which was completed last night.  This morning, beginning with our “Fun Friday” pancake breakfast I’ve recently insisted we eat (to ban the SWM’s quickie cold cereal for a day), Mother’s Day 2012 kicked off.

SWM’s tire of cold cereal? Make it a Fun Friday with pancakes!

Mommy, are you ready to open your presents yet?


Yes, I did good!

I painted him all by myself, and even planted the seeds that will grow soon!


Just how well does Maycee know her mama?


Pretty darn well! (And, she knows how much I love her, especially!)

Yes, Readers, this is me, and I’m wearing a beanie on my head. Love it!

Prior to this I received a card from my mom with grocery money for the Dollar Tree…YAY!  I also received a sweet card from Maycee’s dad, thanking me for all I do for our little girl along with a Starbucks gift card…what a treat!  Tomorrow we’ll head south, pick up my totally terrific bf, and make our way to Mom’s for her annual Mother’s Day Meatloaf and Bingo, with “really good prizes” this year…she tells me.  The thing is, I’ve already won, any way you cut it. I’VE ALREADY WON!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my mommy followers and to mothers everywhere who strive their hardest to be the best moms ever.  It’s a full-time job in and of itself, it’s deserving of recognition and praise, and this I give to each of you!  Now, off to bed I go, as I can’t WAIT to give my own mom a big hug and watch her open her cards and presents…I hope I can wait until Sunday…

Remember: life is short, share love with the moms you know this weekend, and take time to remember all that they have done whether they are with us now or have already passed to a better place.  Oh, and while you’re remembering (because there will be funny stories involved, I’m sure)…give a chuckle and know that I’m smiling at you with adoration.



10 responses

  1. Absolutely beautiful post Kasey. You are an awesome mom, Maycee is an awesome young lady… Happy Mom’s Day to you!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!

    • Hi, El! I did enjoy the weekend…the whole thing…got a nap in the sunshine, some shopping time in with my sweetheart, Barbie playing with Maycee, and a wonderful Mother’s Day meatloaf and Bingo game all put together by my very own terrific mom. I hope you had a great weekend, too!!

  2. Love this! My favorite is Maycee’s picture of you!! Enjoy your day with your beautiful girl my dear friend across the miles. I’ll be thinking of you both! 🙂

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