Catching up in every way

The weekend before last I took Maycee camping to a nearby lake resort.  I packed the Little Black Stallion until we looked like the Bevery Hillbillies with tents, sleeping bags, camping chairs, cooler, bags of food, lanterns, and the like piled high for our excursion into the great outdoors-my first one alone with Maycee since I took her camping when she was four years old. 

This lake was a new place for us, but we landed what I believe is the best spot in the entire site (smile). Nestled beneath a couple of trees and overlooking the lake, the area split into two levels, had two picnic tables, a fire pit, and no neighbors directly next to us.  The added bonus was that a small dirt path led directly down to the shoreline where we could jump in our floating hammock chair (donated by our awesome neighbors) and cool off in the sparkling water to our hearts’ content.

I took care of all of the duties required to set up camp, and even with my rubber mallet breaking in mid-hammerswing trying to stake down the tent, I played caveman and found a  heavy rock to finish the job (can anybody say “she-man?!”).  Thanks to good ol’ Duraflame I was also able to easily make fire (fire!fire!) for marshmallow and hot dog roasting (in that order) and warming up the toes in the crisp night air.  As we discovered that the honey bees liked to swarm up as soon as any food hit the scene, I also set up a second smaller tent that my folding table and chairs fit nicely into, thus providing us a safe refuge for grubbing. 

Pretty soon this here table is going to be covered! No bees allowed!

The weekend flowed pretty much as planned…I was proud of myself, I have to admit, and I was proud of Maycee because she didn’t just sit on her duff and watch me do all the work, nor did she complain when I asked for her help (No, this was not a dream).  We had talked about what going camping required in the way of “work”, and she was willing to do what she could in all of her eight little years of age to pitch in.  She was a trooper, we were a team, and therefore, we had a really fun trip.

Not only did we experience our first swim in a lake, BUTT (pun intended) we got mooned by some rowdy boaters (MOOOOOM! WHY DID THEY DO THAT?! WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO PULL DOWN THEIR PANTS LIKE THAT?! GROSS!) We watched guys bring home lines full of real fish that they’d caught-ya, REAL fish, not the fake kind (wink). We visited a local horse rescue on Saturday and spent three hours grooming the sweetest ponies, as well as amazing thoroughbreds that looked like giants but nestled up to us as if they were our best friends.  On our way back to the lake we grabbed a bite to eat at the local country diner where we proceeded to talk the ear off of the waitress/cook named Kristine (well, we were the only ones in there).  Oh, and we even broke the law as we snuck into a bar so Maycee could go potty.  Totally criminal, I tell ya.

Well, she almost made it back without crashing…

Just look what happens when we leave the Yellow Submarine for more than a day…

And, while I’ve been playing catch up with chores and just “normal” daily life stuff ever since we got back two Sundays ago, and struggling with feeling exhausted, I keep thinking about the weekend’s events.  I’m also “catching up” with regards to enjoying summertime.   The past few summers have been heavy-laden with financial worries and childcare woes.  This summer, thanks to the B & G Club of America who offers an amazing summer camp at next to no cost and my three-year anniversary at work allowing for more vacation pay, this is not the case (at least, not totally). 

Being a single parent doesn’t require letting go of tasks that are easier with the help of a second adult, it simply requires creativity to make the situation doable with what you have available.  Big muscles and a sense of adventure help, too!

Well, here you can see my marshmallow muscles at work.

You know, part of me, I think, is enjoying the challenge this SWM life brings (daresay…), even if my eyelids need toothpicks to stay open afterwards.

Now, it’s one day away from the 4th of July…I’m all caught up with catching you up…Maycee’s playing with Grandma for the week… so I’ll probably take a nap on the chaise lounge tomorrow (or at least think about it) while the rest of the world eats hot dogs and throws poppers onto the sidewalk.  But, I will be grinning in my sleep at the honesttogoodness fact that this summer is off to a fantabulous start!

Slapjack, Anyone?

I hope YOU are getting to enjoy the season in whatever fashion is yours.  After all, life is short, so be happy, and give a chuckle. XOXO-SWM


Author: singleworkingmomswm

I love to write, and I love raising my daughter. The two combined have prompted me to create a blog about being a single working mom. Life's a trip, and I tend to take the windy roads.

9 thoughts on “Catching up in every way”

  1. Sounds like you had a great time! I’m so happy to hear that your summer is starting off by making happy memories. I hope the rest of your summer is just as wonderful (& restful, because, you know, SWMs need a lot of rest). Holly

  2. So happy to see you found a little piece of heaven on earth as well, Kasey! You & Maycee deserve all the happiness the universe can throw your way! Looks like a great time. Sometimes the road is a little easier and we are so lucky when we can see that. You always do. You’re a shining example for many SWMs out there and well, just moms too. Hope it continues to be a great summer for you gals!! xoxo Karen

  3. I mean this: I’m in awe of you. Good on you. I’ve gone camping with my husband and our three kids and it is a massive *thing* even to erect a tent and to build a fire. I love your can-do and your fab attitude, and I love the life you’re making for you and your little girl.

    That looks like a gorgeous place, by the way!

    1. Wow, El, thanks so much for these words of encouragement and praise. I feel the same way about you! Truth! I love reading about your courage and strength; sharing these experiences is part of what gives me fuel to do my best! XOXO♥♥

    1. Thanks, MM&K. It was a lot of fun, and I find myself looking at pictures on my desktop at work smiling. I’ve been over at your blogosphere reading, too. I just love reading blogs from dads, probably because there aren’t that many comparitively to the moms! 😉

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