Run in the wind like ponies!

2012 I Madonnari Festival-SLO-Street Art by Kasey MacInnes

We stepped outside the front door this morning immediately hugged by the warm air of the Santa Anas.  Today the temps were supposed to reach into the mid-90’s, and I’m expecting  they did based on a couple of trips from my desk to the recycle bin and our Safety Coordinator’s exclamation of,  “Okay, now it’s officially HOT!”

However, this morning driving out to the ranch to grain Hi-C the whipping breeze seemed to push us along the road a little quicker.  As we arrived, heading down the dirt path to our usual parking spot, pieces of eucalyptus bark, twigs, and leaves fell around us, some hitting the windshield, others floating to the ground.  Maycee and her buddy, who catches a ride frequently, were squealing and giggling, “Oh my gosh!  It’s blowing all CRAZY, Mom!”

We got out of the car, and dirt, dust, and debris flew this way and that.  Maycee held up her arms and spun in circles–a full grin on her face.  Her buddy continued giggling, shouting, “Mayceeeee!”  I had to get in on the fun and exclaimed to J,  the ranch hand, “The sky is falling!”  He waved and smiled as he always does and laughed, too, then diligently returned to his morning task of cleaning stalls.

Down the stable path the current was so strong it felt as if we were in a wind tunnel.  The horses were a bit jittery–maybe we looked like dim ghosts coming to greet them surrounded in such a tan-colored flurry.  The kids picked up straws of hay that had blown out of the horses’ feeders, and I gave Hi-C his grain for the day. He raised his beautiful head up and moved quickly from side-to-side, chomping the yummy mix as I stroked his coat and told him I’d see him later.

J stopped his work for a moment as I commented again about the eucalyptus and how wild the sky was acting.  He said, “I know, I know…I’m afraid the trees will fall over!”  I chuckled lightly as I listened to Maycee and her buddy talking to Jenny and Snickers, June and Bailey and the rest…then told them we had to hurry-we were running late.

Back to the car we galloped, and I was reminded, as I always am when the Santa Anas show up, of being a child and excited by the activity of Mother Nature; moments like when my best friend and I, still in our pj’s, were told by my mom to “go outside and run in the wind like ponies!”  And, we did, our manes getting tossed around in all of life’s possible directions.


I’ve been exploring lately, Readers: watching different TV shows at night, paying better attention to what I eat, starting to work out again after a multi-year (not complaining) hiatus and losing a little weight to make it worth my while (wink), playing my guitar and building up calluses, skipping church (I won’t be gone long, Lord), and being okay with being a bit out of routine because I know the routine will always be there.

Life is short, which is why we have to accept change, try new things, and of course, give a chuckle or two or three!

What have you been up to?


2 responses

  1. I love your ponies both art and real! I also love the idea of ‘going outside and running in the wind like a pony, letting my mane fly in all of life’s possible directions.’ You have the Santa Anas and we have weird hail storms on a hot summer’s day; mother nature’s way of giving us pause, I suspect. Lovely. Thanks Kasey, for another thought provoking read. 🙂 xoxox Karen

    • Thanks for all of your wonderful comments, Karen. I’m glad you enjoyed the piece…there are certain memories that sit with me fondly, and my mom’s encouragement back is one of them. Hope your weekend was fabulous! XOXO-SWM


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