The Crisp Night Air

Tonight is a perfect night.  The sky is clear from the brief storm that passed through, and the stars are sparkling much like Christmas lights strung perfectly in the sky.  Do you ever look up?  I do.  I almost always do when I’m outside at night.  And this night, as I made a quick trip to take the trash out while my daughter played with her friend inside, kicking off our three-day weekend (let’s all say “Yahoo!”), I first closed my eyes so I could smell the sweet smells left from today’s rain.  Then I opened them to gaze at shining spots high above reminding me that the Universe is immense and the Milky Way leads us to one another-we are never alone.  The crisp night air kissed my face, and a slight breath slipped from my lips misting back as a thank you.

I’ve been gone for a week from my blog, and I’ve missed it and YOU, Readers.  Tonight take a step outside your door.  It may be colder than what’s outside the Yellow Submarine, it may be warmer, but take a moment to enjoy the air and look for stars.  Maybe you’ll even be inclined to make a wish!


Photo courtesy of Dennis, Google Images.


12 responses

  1. If you look into the sky now, erm I think it will be around around 8pm where you are? I am not sure on the time zone as I am in the UK and it is almost midnight, but if it is dark enough you might see some flashes in the night sky, a small meteor shower but nothing to worry about as they are far too small, probably even too small to notice them actually 😦 I like your posting my new friend 🙂


    • I wondered where you were blogging from. Thank you so much for reading…I can’t get enough of the stars, and lately it’s been pretty cloudy here. So nice to have clearer skies this week. Enjoy whatever you may see…you are up late over there in the UK! 🙂


      • I am a night owl, always have been
        and this is still early for me, even though
        I will be out of snooze land by 06:30 🙂

        Well whenever I get to bed that is…

        It is rather cloudy here too so no chance
        of seeing those meteors tonight 😦

        Enjoy your evening 🙂


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