Thank God for Blue Jeans and Bedtime Tea

(Written at 10:45PM, January 17)

Tonight, I know, I just know I’m going to dream about horses.  It was “one of those days”.  And, because it was “one of those days” I plan to enjoy the reprieve of a peaceful sleep, and horses of all colors will fill the green hillsides of my slumber.  They’ll be grazing, not galloping, just calmly grazing upon the luscious strands and enjoying the warmth that is tanning their backs, taking away the chill of the early morning.  Their manes might move with the slight breeze, couples will rub noses, and babies will snuggle up against their mamas.

 Just before typing this post I had a cup of Yogi Bedtime Tea.    Like I said, it was “one of those days”.  I haven’t been as diligent with my tea lately, so tonight it was time.  Sipping tea feels sacred.  It takes meditative moments to taste the subtle flavors. It isn’t brash like coffee (although I love coffee), but quiet.  It whispers to me as I drink and tells me to have a seat, to close my eyes and be done with the chores.  There is only so much one woman can do in a fifteen hour day; the tea reminds me of this.

Comfy and sparkly jeans, you're the best!
Comfy and sparkly jeans, you’re the best!

Tomorrow I will get to wear my beloved blue jeans to work.  It’s Blue Jean Friday.  I have them picked out already…my new favorite pair with rhinestones in the shapes of fireworks on the pockets, blue and turquoise stitching.  These jeans do my riding boots justice (just ask Maycee), and when I put them on I feel the wannabe cowgirl within me risin’ up inside.  I actually strut my stuff and sway my butt because I know I’m sparkling all over, and it’s grand! They’re probably the fanciest pair of blue jeans I’ve ever owned (from Walmart’s finest boutique), and I don’t usually do “fancy”, but blue jean fancy is different.

Yes, tonight just know I’m going to dream about horses, and I’m thankful that when I wake up it will be a new day, a different day, and that means that anything is possible.  Isn’t that just marvelous?  Thank God for blue jeans and bedtime tea.

At work, but feeling gooooooood! Uh huh!
At work, but feeling gooooooood! Uh huh!

Friends, I hope the weekend brings you hours of rest and splashes of light.  Life is short, so be happy and give a chuckle. XOXO-SWM


Author: singleworkingmomswm

I love to write, and I love raising my daughter. The two combined have prompted me to create a blog about being a single working mom. Life's a trip, and I tend to take the windy roads.

12 thoughts on “Thank God for Blue Jeans and Bedtime Tea”

  1. Lookin’ good! There have been a few of those days for me here, too. Now, though? I’m wearing jeans, an Oregon tea, and about to settle in for the doctor-prescribed rest I did not get a chance to take until now . . . mmm.

    I will likely dream of thrifting up copies of Sweet Valley books, because somehow, that’s always my comfort when waking life is rough.

    1. Wonderful, Deb! Sounds like heaven…rest…ahhhhhhh. I’m “off” tonight, myself, with Maycee at a sleepover. Having dinner out and a movie in! 🙂 Luv ya, and take care. XOXO


  2. That sounds just so relaxing 🙂 Hope you take all the time needed to enjoy it, it is well deserved I’m sure 🙂 Enjoy my friend !!!

  3. Mmmmm that does sound like pure heaven, my friend! Those are a very lovely pair of jeans. And that’s my favorite thing to wear too. My jeans, my fave ones, also sparkle, but that’s because I accidentally spilled glamour-sparklies from one of my daughter’s Girl Scout projects on them, lol.

    1. Awe, thanks so much, Val! I have always loved coffee…however, I don’t drink tons of it, just a cup or so in the mornings. Tea, however, is my quiet treat,which I usually enjoy at night, especially when I’m blogging. They just seem to go hand in hand. Funny, too, my dreams were nothing like I’d written about that night (in fact, they were pretty disjointed), but imagining the scene either way was still dreamy all by itself. Then, yesterday, I got to ride my horsey with no distractions and then finish the day off after Maycee went to bed with a horse movie. Love! XOXO


  4. Hoping your dreams were filled with beautifully colored horses inspired by the calming effects of Yogi Bedtime tea! I LOVE all things sparkly. LOVE that you strut your stuff and sway your butt in your sparkly jeans and I see that indeed, you sparkle in them. And I LOVE that tomorrow is always a new day, a different opportunity and a chance to begin, again. It is truly marvelous. 🙂 xoxoxo NY

    1. Thanks, Karen! My dreams were actually pretty funny that night-a bit wild and no horsies…but I had a wonderful weekend getting to ride and also watch Maycee ride, so that makes up for any missed dreams. I hope your weekend was awesome, and I’ll be reading yoru post here, shortly. Love you!


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