Morning Drop Off

This morning Maycee and I went to the ranch to bring all of our beloved horsey friends their special Friday carrots and apples.  I love getting up early on these mornings during which I not only prepare Maycee’s school lunch and her breakfast, but I also prepare coffee for myself and cut up a dozen or so whole carrots and apples for these wonderful creatures that bring us peace.  We only get a few minutes with them since it’s a school and work day, but it’s worth it; it’s totally worth it.

Rushing down the road from the ranch to make it to the school yard on time I prepare for the morning drop off.  I can remember so many days when taking Maycee to school a few years ago I cried, knowing I wouldn’t see her for ten hours.  That was a tough period of time, and today I can gratefully say I don’t cry when I leave her very often anymore.  Instead I give her a kiss on the cheek, tell her to have a super fun day, “I love you, baby!”, and she says, “I love you, Mommy!”, and my heart feels happy.

Within fifteen minutes we make it, just as the bell is ringing, and I pull to the side of the road as close to her classroom as I can.  They’ve now begun to lock the hallway gates in reaction to Connecticut’s tragedy, so even though we are steps from her room,  she must walk all the way up to the office and then back down again once inside the school property.

We are behind in time, but as she’s walking, her pace picks up.  She looks for me in between each parked car…and she waves.  Every time.  I wave back.  Everytime.

It is now “only” a nine-hour day between the morning drop off and when I pick her up from the free aftercare at school.  It is still long, and I miss her, but I marvel at this relationship between mother and daughter.  And, today, it makes my eyes well up with tears.  Tears of joy.

It’s the weekend, Readers.  May you enjoy every minute of every moment possible. Take some time to marvel at your relationships, your children, your pets, and all things you hold dear.  Life is short, so be happy (and give a chuckle, but of course)!



Author: singleworkingmomswm

I love to write, and I love raising my daughter. The two combined have prompted me to create a blog about being a single working mom. Life's a trip, and I tend to take the windy roads.

10 thoughts on “Morning Drop Off”

  1. I feel like I was forgetting how to smile. Now that I’m getting my health on track, I’m remembering to see all these little moments–how even when Li’l D fusses and complains he doesn’t want to go to preschool, it’s because he’s happy with me. Conversely, when he complains he doesn’t want to leave preschool, it’s because he is happy there. His happiness to be in this moment, where he is, reminds me how much there is to be happy for . . . much like this post. Gracias, lovely lady. ♥

    1. I appreciate your comment so much, Deb, and I’m so glad you still read my blog. I was a little worried when I read your blogroll post and didn’t see mine on the list…not that I need to be on your list (don’t get me wrong here)…but that I wouldMISS your comments and seeing your lovely “face” here at SWM. You are my very first reader…you can never leave! 😉 And, I’m so grateful you are feeling better!! That means when we make it down to Disney in the spring (to make up for Dec.) we’ll see you smiling and healthy! Our kids teach us so much, huh? They are so precious. Love you! XOXO-Kasey


      1. See, now this is exactly why I have an invitation on my blogroll! I update that once every six months or so, off the top of my head, knowing it will never be complete or accurate. Now that you’ve called this to my attention, I will rectify that.

        We still don’t have internet at the new place, so I haven’t read hardly any blogs the last couple of weeks. It’ll probably be a while before I’m back into any routine, but you can rest assured that whenever I am reading blogs, yours is among the small handful I am sure, sure, sure to visit. Truly. ♥

  2. I could feel my own eyes welling up with tears as I read this post my friend. I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes during the week when Noah is not here I miss him so much I could cry & I often do. And when Hannah is gone on the weekends, I find myself checking my phone frequently for her random texts “Kiss,kiss!” “Love you!” “Sup Mama?” I love your special time on Fridays. I know you cherish them as much as you surely savor the image in your mind of her seeking you out & waving as she makes her way to class. Heartfelt. xoxox NY

    1. Karen, thank you so much for this wonderful comment. You get it, totally! Just today Maycee called me while I was out feeding horses and said, “Hi, Mommy! Just wanted to hear how your day was! Call me back!” Iam so blessed, and you are such my sweet, sweet friend. I will be emailing you shortly. Much to tell you! XOXO Cali


  3. It is always those precious and perfect moments that bring clarity to our days. It is wonderful you have been able to move to the place where you though you still miss her during the day, you are happy.

  4. Sounds like a lovely mother-daughter morning ritual to me….feeding horses and racing to be to school on time. Your daughter is truly blessed to have a mommy who places such value on the simplest of happy times. Big hugs. Holly

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