Thriller Night

Thanks, MJ!
Thanks, MJ!

I’ve missed you, fellow bloggers and readers!  Maycee has been sick for over nine days and not just with a cold, not just with the flu, but both coming and going.  Nights have been restless with many interruptions from coughing and sore throats,  and the 9-year-old attitude has been in full force, fiery with aggravation because it is taking so long to recover. I’ve been worried about money, naturally, as with sick days come missed hours of pay.

However, recover we eventually do, and yesterday Maycee was feeling much, much better, THANKHEAVENGODALMIGHTY. She had to go into work with me, as it was the President’s Day holiday, you know, another one of those days that gets lumped in with a four-day weekend preceded by a minimum day because we’d much rather have our children on vacation every few weeks than learning their ABC’s.  Okay, yes, this mom is a bit burnt out, ha, ha!  I digress!

With Maycee feeling much better, and me feeling, well, totally exhausted, it was only a matter of time before all normalcy was overcome by radical emotion.  After a rocky start in the morning culminating in me having to tell my kiddo that she had lost her television viewing privileges for the night, the rest of the day was marvelous.  I got plenty done at work, and Maycee was super-duper both in attitude and behavior.  We got home around 6:00PM, our normal weekday/workday time, and I had dinner ready by 6:45…nice! 

It was a simple supper of soup (say that five times as fast as you can forwards and backwards) and crackers with carrots and ranch for dipping. I ate cereal, the breakfast of single mommy champions.  After Maycee finished eating she was going to go play Barbies in her room since the TV was off-limits.  BUT, before she turned around to head down the hallway, she started humming the tune to Michael Jackson’s song “Thriller”.  Then, it happened.  The little switch that had been waiting to be flipped.  Maycee asked her sleep-deprived, germed-up,  maxed to the limit on eye-rolling SWM, “How does the chorus to “Thriller” go?”

“How does it go?  HOW DOES IT GO? Well, like this, “THRILLER! THRILLER NIGHT (disco finger pointing in the air)! Hey, wait a minute; I think I have the album to this. Yes, wait, yes, I do. Do I?  Did it get left behind?  No, I have it; I know I do!”  And, off to the living room this mom fled to find the album that changed the paths of all humankind: Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  “Play it, Mom!  Play the whole album!”  And, play it we did-over and over.  And, dance around the living room we did. And, air guitar and microphone we did!  We did!  Hips shakin’, hair whipping to and fro.  Every single vein inside of me was feeling like a 9-year-old, myself (album was released in ’82), and MY 9-year old little girl? 

She stopped dancing after a while and just plopped down in the rocking chair, staring, glaring, grinning, giggling, and saying, “Mom, what’s gotten into you?!?” I sang while washing the dishes and spun the dish towel around my head.  I grabbed the dog and made him dance, too.  I even licked ice cream off the ice cream scooper after dishing Maycee up a bowl.  Each movement to the music setting me more free from the next. RELEASE! COMPLETE ABANDON! NOT A CARE IN THE WORLD NOW!

“Thriller” had gotten into me, and truthfully, just in the nick of time before I went bonkers from the prior week and half’s stress.  And, to think that yesterday I was wondering what on earth I was going to blog about now that I had the chance to sit down and finally write (wink). Thanks, MJ!  Thank you for making such an awesome album. Thank you for letting this mama cut loose so as to survive another “day in the life”. Thank you for such a fun Thriller Night that broke the cycle of sickness and worry that was permeating through the Yellow Submarine for so many days.

Okay, everybody now, get your groove on: THRILLER!  THRILLER NIGHT!  You know you wanna…go ahead…even if everybody’s watching!

Life will always have its ups and downs.  There will always be challenges to overcome.  So, seize the moment and rock on because life is short.  Be happy, and Laugh Out Loud!




Author: singleworkingmomswm

I love to write, and I love raising my daughter. The two combined have prompted me to create a blog about being a single working mom. Life's a trip, and I tend to take the windy roads.

10 thoughts on “Thriller Night”

  1. LOVE! Did you know I am obsessed & in-love with MJ….still to this day? At his passing I was in Walton w/ my kids, switching back ‘n forth between MTV, the News & VH1. For nearly 72 hours, we watched(okay, I made them both watch) every MJ video ever made; including Thriller of course, the long & short versions several times over. I can see you & Maycee dancing in the living room in my mind’s eye as clearly as I see Hannah & I dancing to the rhythm of the same beats on those wonderful, happy occasions when life kind of smacks you in the head & says, “Dance girl! For God’s sake, just dance!” and you do. I know them well. And cereal. Oh yes, Cereal. Oatmeal in fact for me, is the breakfast of single mommy champions. You so got it!! xoxox New York 🙂

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