Happy 2nd Anniversary to Me!


Kasey and Hi C

Hi, Everybody!  Yes, it’s true!  I’ve been officially blogging for two full years. Can you believe it?  No?  Neither can I (smiling).  When I began this blog I think I had about three subscribers for most of the first year…no…maybe I had up to five or so (chuckling)…and only a handful more commenters. But, now, two years into writing about my life, my loves, my ups, my downs, my thoughts, and my take on the journey of being a forever single mom I can happily say I have 76 followers, 92 Facebook followers, and I’ve accomplished writing 98 posts thus far (make that 99 now), hmmmm, and I think I have a few more commenters, too.  Awesome!  Still not running with the big guns, but that’s A-Okay with me.

Blogging Wizard, oh, please show me the way...

Blogging Wizard, oh, please show me the way…

I write to heal, I write to explore, I write to work through things, I write to connect, and I write, ultimately, to help others realize they are not alone in this crazy world whether single moms, single dads, sahm’s, sahd’s, parents, not parents, or anyone along the spectrum.  There is light in any situation-if we wait, if we look, we will see it shining.  We all have a path, we all have something to share, and it’s been my pleasure and my joy to do that with all of you.  I’ve grown immensely from where I came as a newbie to WordPress.

So, here’s to another year of blogging the road of happy destiny…oh…wait…is that plodding the road?  Flogging the road?  Oh, maybe trodding the road is correct (wink)….well…no matter, I’ll be here whether my stats keep increasing or not.  You’re stuck with me!


Remember: life is short, so be happy, READ a lot, and give a chuckle.




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