Lessons Learned and Really Good People

Harvest has been in full swing for these past 6 weeks, and I’ve been B.U.S.Y.  However, the writing bug has been getting to me, so here you go….

Last night I received a necessary reminder that not all people are made of the same insides.  I know this, right?  Heeeeellllllo!!!!  I’m 40 now!  40! I know this.  However, even at 40, I still tend to live my life under the guise that all people DO have the same insides, and by insides I don’t mean lungs and colons.  I mean, emotional insides.  The ones that have the ability to enlist compassion for those struggling, comraderie when in the trenches, and insides that guide us saying, “This is the right thing to do, even if it is difficult.” Those kind of insides.  We don’t, however, all live by the same rulebook or even the Golden Rule most of the time. “Do unto others…”

I have been screwed over in a horse lease agreement I entered into a little over a year ago, which was broken by the owner of the horse, my previous trainer.  She, however, took careful consideration as to how she communicated with me as the lease was falling apart, and because I wrote such a detailed and correctly drafted document, the words actually worked against my favor.  Thus, I am indebted to her financially and obligated by the lease to pay her until November 15th, regardless of the fact that the horse became unsafe for me to ride without supervision.  Shucks!  And, while I could stew and fret and wait for her to take me to small claims court (if she would actually follow through with her threats), the better side of me, the inside of me that says, “I don’t want to have this stress and duress affecting me and Maycee for the next several months” is going to pay the stinkin’ $400 and be done with it.  Lesson learned, as my dear ol’ dad said last night to me on the phone after reviewing the lease himself.  I don’t like it, I am upset by it, but I won’t let it rule me.  Life takes these twists and turns….and does so for a reason….

If the lease hadn’t fallen through, I wouldn’t have begun looking at horse ownership.  I would have continued to listen to my prior trainer’s unsolicited advice telling me “You’re not a good enough rider….horse ownership is too expensive for someone like you…people are out there to screw folks over and get rid of undesirable horses (funny, coming from the “horse’s” mouth, huh?), you’d be in over your head.” And, on and on….

Well, folks, meet Fancy!  Our very first horse! OUR HORSE!

Fancy after 2 full weeks of care!
Fancy after 2 full weeks of care!

I rescued her from an overbred horse ranch in Paso Robles.  When I went up there to look at her, as she was described as a “kid-friendly, great family horse”. Well, what wasn’t being shown was that she was also being starved and was 200-250 pounds underweight.  The minute I saw her I began to cry, as did Maycee.  I put the halter around her neck anyways and led her to a place I could groom her and really look into her eyes, which told me, “I’m beautiful; you just can’t tell right now. Save me.”  I road her briefly, as the temps were in the 90’s that day, but I wanted to see if she was sound and rideable, which she was.  I couldn’t get her off my mind all day, and Maycee felt the same way.  It was so hard to leave her there. The next morning at church I prayed hard with another horsewoman about the horse I would call, Fancy.  If it was meant for us to have her, God would make a way, and make a way he did!

I had a vet check her out and run labs for me, all of which turned out clean. His assessment was that she was simply malnourished, not sick in any way.  He gave me a regimen to feed her if she became ours, and I took notes, believe me!  I told Fancy I would be back to get her if it was the last thing I did.  Maycee and I found a great new ranch that would welcome her with open arms-a small facility with only 16 stalls, HUGE stalls at that (24 x 48), and two big turnout pastures where Fancy could rehabilitate  in peace.  I worked it out (by the skin of my teeth) financially to make it happen, and the barn owner said she had a trailer and would go up with me to get her.  We brought her safely home on September 22nd.

Fancy's home; her first day with us.  She was at least 200-250 pounds underweight.
Fancy’s home; her first day with us. She was at least 200-250 pounds underweight.
Maycee couldn't wait to see her very own horse for the first time.  Fancy couldn't stop eating! Yay!
Maycee couldn’t wait to see her very own horse for the first time. Fancy couldn’t stop eating! Yay!

When Fancy got out of the trailer we put her in a round pen so that we could figure out which stall she was going to get. She walked around slowly, then rolled in the sand, and when she stood up she NEIGGGGGHED this wonderful loud neigh as if to say, “THANK YOU!”  Many women from the barn were there when we arrived, and they all smiled and laughed at Fancy’s presentation.

Since we brought her home to the coast to be ours we have received so much love and help from our new barn friends.  These are REALLY GOOD PEOPLE.  Fly masks, blankets, buckets, extra hay, and friendly advice come without a pricetag. One of the gals is even teaching me how to train Fancy.  Lovin’ it!  And, Maycee, well, she is in absolute heaven!  Her anxiety is at an all-time low, she’s been taken under the wing of one of the younger girls who works there, and is learnin’ the ropes.  Fancy is careful and sweet with us, let’s us kiss her up and down her blaze, like we were a match made in Heaven.  She’s 17 years smart, so training her isn’t that difficult. She’s willing and eager to please, and I’m sure at some point in her past someone loved her dearly, just as we do.

Maycee learnin' the ropes at our new ranch!
Maycee learnin’ the ropes at our new ranch!

I still have the thorn in my side to remove and repair, but I also have a beautiful new blossom for which to nurture and care for-a constant reminder that while we aren’t all made up of the same insides, those of us who are make life wonderful!

This is after a full month of care. Just taken this past Sunday.
This is after a full month of care. Just taken this past Sunday.

So, don’t get down if you make a mistake or bad luck befalls you or life simply works its crazy ways.  There is a reason usually lurking in the corner just waiting for the sun to circle round and shed its light.

Life is short…dreams are meant to be had…no matter the cost.  Live it, love it, and when you write an incredibly legit piece of legal paperwork that ends up coming back to bite you, give a chuckle!




Author: singleworkingmomswm

I love to write, and I love raising my daughter. The two combined have prompted me to create a blog about being a single working mom. Life's a trip, and I tend to take the windy roads.

14 thoughts on “Lessons Learned and Really Good People”

  1. You are so right, we are not all the same inside. Sometimes though life leads us from one thing to the next through broken doorways. Fancy is lovely, wonderful lessons and healing for all three of you. The smiles are brilliant. ❤

  2. All things happen for a reason! So glad to see/hear that you are seeing the upside of that situation!! It’s nice to see good things coming around, to see God’s time arrive. The three of you were meant to be, for each other! What a great story Kasey. All the best xoxox NY

    1. Thanks, Karen! I always try to find the positive admidst internal or external turmoil. This is how I survive, daily! Will be responding to your email soon, and say a prayer for our horsey. She collapsed on Sunday, had the vet out yesterday, and he thinks she may have some neurological damage, but she also has bad arthritis in her neck and edema in her legs. 😦

  3. I’m really sorry re the lease thing. People are just awful when it comes to money. Just wrong. Money really brings out the worst in people. She was far too scheming, clearly. Good for you to stay above it.

    1. Thank you. Yes, scheming is the appropriate conclusion, and it’s difficult for me to handle sometimes. But, I always seek the positive in the situation because it’s there, sometimes hiding, sometimes glaring at us…we have to keep our eyes open! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Reading today’s (11/5) post before this, I came into this post already loving Fancy for her beauty, her pain, and the way I know she helps heal wounds inside both you and Maycee. I’ve been around horses on and off since I was little. C stared riding at 4 and A started at 3. Horses are amazing animals, gentle giants, with the ability to spread balm across our wounded hearts. Love the message here, and especially love the pics! xoxo, TM

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