Musings of a 4th Grader

Never a dull moment when you're a parent!
Never a dull moment when you’re a parent!


“Yes, Honey?”

“I feel sorry for Noe.  He doesn’t have a very good life.”


“Yeah.  He said that when you come pick me up from school you seem like such a fun mom.  Then he said, ‘All my mom ever does is spank me.'” (Sinking heart of mine.)

“Oh, that’s terrible!  Well,  unfortunately I think many more kids than we know have a rough home life.”

“Yeah.  And, sometimes he cusses at me and Pamela.”

“He does?”

“Yeah.  He calls us the “B” word.” (I restrain myself from looking startled at the notion.)

“Geez!  That’s no good.  Do you tell on him?”

“No.  I don’t.  I don’t take it personally because I know that he doesn’t have a good life.  He just does it to try to be cool.  It doesn’t bother me.  I just try to be nice to him.  I feel really sorry for him.”

(Smiling inside at my daughter’s compassion.)”That is a wonderful way to look at it, Maycee.  Really.  We never know what people are going through who act out against us.”


“All my friends think you are nice, Mom. And pretty.  Pamela says you look like you’re 29!”

(Twenty-nine is good.   I might have been insulted if she’s said 30. Wink.)


“I hate P.E.  It is SO unfair!  They make us run in the heat and the sun!”

“Well, no one can control the weather, Honey.  And, you have to do P.E.  It’s a necessary part of school, even though I know you don’t like it.”

“Well, it’s NOT FAIR, and I mean it!  All the teachers just yell at us to, ‘Do this!  Do That!’ and then they sit around and watch us and don’t do anything themselves!”

“When you get into high school you can get out of it.”


“You can join a sports team, or do marching band, or some other physical activity like I did.  I played on the drum line, and therefore I didn’t have to do P.E.  It was great!”

“Do they have team roping in high school?”

(And, all the cowgirl mamas in the crowd yelled, “Yeehaw! Go get ’em Maycee!)


“Wow, gas has gone down quite a bit.  Thank goodness!” (Mommy sigh.)

“How much?” (Maycee chomping on carrots and ranch dressing.)

“Well, it’s like $40 to fill up a tank.”

“Forty dollars??!!   I thought it was only 50 cents!!”

“Fifty cents a gallon?”

“NO! Fifty cents for the whole thing!”

(Oh, child.  I wish.)


“MOOOOOOM!” (Loud, obnoxious scolding cry.)


“Stop crinkling the grain bag!  Fancy almost stepped on me!”

“Sorry, Maycee, but I had to put the new grain bag in the bin.  She has to get used to hearing the sound and not thinking she’s getting fed anyways.  Oh, and by the way, we need to reduce her feed to one big scoop instead of two.”


“Because she’s got enough of a belly now.”

(I offer Fancy another carrot.)

“Then WHY are you giving her so many treats?!”

(Got me there.)


And, my all time favorite from the archives of a couple of years ago:

(Listening to Taylor Swift’s album, Red, that Maycee got for Christmas and fiddling around in her room.)

“Do you like Taylor Swift’s songs, Mommy?”

“Sure.  They’re pretty good.  Especially the one that says, “And, We are NEVER, EVER, EVER getting back together!” (The words I uttered to a previous boyfriend when he suggested we take yet another “break”.)

“Taylor Swift is just like you, Mommy!  She can’t find the right man either!”

(Ouch.  So glad that’s in the past!)


Have a wonderful weekend Readers!  Remember: Life is short, so be happy, and give a chuckle!




Author: singleworkingmomswm

I love to write, and I love raising my daughter. The two combined have prompted me to create a blog about being a single working mom. Life's a trip, and I tend to take the windy roads.

8 thoughts on “Musings of a 4th Grader”

    1. Oh, I wouldn’t go so far as to assume any kid my daughter talks about is being abused. I don’t know the families well enough to make that kind of judgement. My gut tells me that it is more a case of an overly populated family living in hard times with not enough patience for whatever goes on with their son. My daughter attends school in a “sort of” rough neighborhood and hears many, many stories from her friends. If I ever suspected there was more going on from anything she reports to me, I would make the school aware for sure!

    1. Yes, my kiddo is one of the most compassionate little girls I’ve ever met. She truly empathizes with the hardships of the world as well as wants to understand everything that goes on…and of course…loves razzing her mom! XO

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