Some people don’t like change….I count on it!

Welcome to my new blog!  Well, it’s not new, but the design is, and I really, totally, completely like it.  How ’bout you guys?  Please tell me!  It was time for a change.  Everything changes, and I felt my blog’s look needed a face-lift.  It feels good.

Lately, my head has been full, so full, of junk.  Spam.  When I write, I honestly don’t like to write about it-the junk, that is.  Spam is gross, whether out of the can, found in my in-box, or spattered on billboards, TV screens, and the Internet headlines.  Yet, as much as I want to, I can’t escape it.  I tend to wait out the days until I feel a more light-hearted mood consume me.  I linger with ideas until the “full” feeling passes and I’m inspired again by some small passing thought.

Luckily today, Darla, my blogging buddy over at She’s a Maineiac, covered this need to rant for me in only a way that Darla can do, so I feel relieved of the duty.  Thank God!  If you need a hearty chuckle, please take a look-see.

I think my head is on overload because my kiddo is growing up in leaps and bounds, and it’s overwhelming.  She’s 10 going on 20.  She’s a 4th grader buying an apartment.  She’s changing, physically, mentally, emotionally, and she’s got questions-a myriad of them.  But, the questions aren’t of the same level as years-gone-by….I miss those.  “Mommy, why doesn’t Elmo have ears?”  Oh, Elmo, where are you?  Tickle me.

No, she questions all that she sees and hears at a maturity level that is astounding in my mind, and with so much SPAM in the universe today it gets difficult to keep up and stay ahead of the game.

Sunday night Maycee was bored watching her Disney shows for the 500th time, so we started channel surfing. Usually she goes to HGTV, Mommy’s channel, which she has grown fond of, as well. (Like I said, apartment living in her little mind already.)  Nothing good there, either, so we went to prime time.  We ended up on ABC’s The Bachelor, the wedding ceremony getting ready to take place between Sean and Catherine.  Maycee pleaded…”Can we watch this, Mom, pleeeeeeeez!  I want to see her dress!  I wonder which one she is going to choose!”

I conceded, looking at the time, only 8:15 at night.  Plenty of families watching TV together. It should be okay. I’m not into weddings much, but Maycee’s never seen one, so I need to let her explore.  I do-I know I do!


The next 30 minutes were spent going over the details of the couple’s impending wedding night, complete with a tour of Sean picking out the skimpiest of lingerie for Catherine-the shop lady even referencing, “And, this one has easy access at the bottom”.  O M G! I shrunk into the couch.  I glanced at the clock-only 8:30, and I KNOW that most children aren’t tucked into bed by this hour.


I grabbed the remote and changed the channel before the shop lady could say another word or show another “outfit”.  I answered frantically, “Well, no, I didn’t.  I just wore a pretty nightgown, but nothing like THAT.” (Sad, but true.)  I was fumbley and felt stupid in the moment as I tried to explain why they were making such a big deal about it in 10-year-old appropriate conversation.  Maycee looked at me with her hands covering her face, sort of smirking, sort of giggling.  “Okay, Mom, okay. I get it.”  She knew I was in a pickle, and it was pretty funny-I have to admit.

Change.  It is the one thing that is constant, and without it life would be predictable and monotonous.  Sunday night was ANYTHING but predictable.  Some say, “Ya, but I don’t like it.  I want things to stay the same.”  Well, that’s great when it’s great. But, not when it’s not, and we can ALL relate to that.

So, my head is full as I make my way through this crazy environment where everything that can possibly generate hype is exposed to anyone anywhere-no discerning for age.  I wait to write posts that leave me with a smile and hopefully resonate with others, regardless of the fact that they don’t make the press or shock people or whatever else.

I make my way through the spam and try to figure it out.  I get overwhelmed and have to hang on to what is my truth, while also allowing change to wash over me.

A little face-lift here at the SWM site, an unexpected sex-ed talk with my 10-year-old on a Sunday night (of all nights).

Change makes everything interesting.  I can’t count on much, but I can certainly count on that!

Hope to hear from you all. Remember, life is short, so let it go, and give a chuckle!




Author: singleworkingmomswm

I love to write, and I love raising my daughter. The two combined have prompted me to create a blog about being a single working mom. Life's a trip, and I tend to take the windy roads.

8 thoughts on “Some people don’t like change….I count on it!”

  1. It’s a battle-zone out there my friend when it comes to trying to shield our young ones — at least for a little while longer! Lots of media & technology (spam!) going against us 😦 If Maycee is as obsessed about weddings as Hannah was/is, you might try “Say, YES to the Dress”. A show dedicated to buying the wedding dress and it really is just all about the dress 🙂 LOVE the new look! You’re so brave 🙂

    1. Thanks, Karen! I half-wondered if changing my look lost some of my readers some how. I felt so relieved when you replied! Usually I have about 4-5 regulars who read right away, and this post, not so much, so I’m glad that the subscriptions are still in tact. And, luckily, Maycee isn’t obsessed with wedding dresses! Egads, I don’t know what I’d do, lol. But, she was curious, not having seen much in the way of “wedding stuff” in being my daughter, ha, ha. It was more of a curiosity thing, but, that said, I think she’d LOVE the show you’re talking about. Not sure if I get the channel, though, as I have limited TV at my house. I’m glad you like the new look, too! It was time! XOXO-Kasey P.S. Are you staying warm???

  2. First, I like it.

    Next, I think I am glad I had boys. Much easier. Children know more than we did at their age. I have to admit though I snorted coffee through my nose at Maycee’s reaction 😉

    At her age, I was still convinced my parents never never never did anything disgusting like s.e.x. (I had just had my first sex ed class) and I told all my classmates my parents were VIRGINS, since I and my brother were adopted.

    1. OMG, Valentine, if I had a cup of coffee I’d be snorting because of your snorting, lol! Yes, boys, I think, HAVE to be easier! Buzz cuts, jeans and T’s, no make up, no body image issues, no “mean girl” troubles. Ugh, anyhow, we do the best we can! Yes, I’m walking a fine line these days between what to say and what not to say anymore…Thank goodness it’s a day at a time! XOXO

  3. Wow! They grow up so fast and the media isn’t helping us keep them innocent. I’m sure you did a great job with the unexpected talk. You and Maycee have a great relationship.

    1. Thank you, Holly. It was pretty funny, actually, but I’m trying! It’s tough when I’m a little bit of a “prude” myself on certain things, but I have to remember that the more open I am, the better in the long run so that Maycee knows she can come to me first for ANYTHING. There will be many more moments like these, I’m sure! XO

  4. I get downright grumpy with spam, whether it shows up in my email inbox, my mailbox, or in the form of commercials. I routinely stop buying from companies who add me to their mailing lists and bombard me. I’m already bombarded with enough noise in life, so why would I reward bad-to-me behavior of those who value obtaining my dollar more than my personal preference for a little quiet? I’m trying to give less energy to the emotional response to spam and make removing it from my life a quick, almost automatic thing. Most things I don’t want to be automatic. I want to be engaged, reflective, present. But this? There are some things that don’t warrant more time, or energy, and spam in all its forms is one. Now if I only it were as easy an understanding to act on as to acknowledge!

    1. I know, right? It’s not easy getting rid of it….I’ve tried, too, especially literally talking about in-box spam. The best I’ve found is to delete it instead of trying to get my name removed from lists, etc. It seems I just end up on more lists that way. Ignore and delete. Seems good advice for spam on any level! XOXO

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