My Readers and Fellow Bloggers, I Heart You!

To all of you who have lovers and smile over this holiday, enjoy! To all of you who are feeling lonely and could care less about this “stupid” time of year-I get it. To all of you who don’t know it’s Valentine’s Day, well, it is.

It’s only a small reminder to share love in any forum-not just today-every day. So, give a hug, say a kind word, squeeze your kids a little harder, be sympathetic to your partner’s needs, don’t flip off the slow guy in the fast lane, listen to an old lady tell her story, and remember: it’s not about the heart-shaped box of chocolates or an engaging dinner for two in a quiet corner booth (of course, I do love those, both of them).  It’s about the one thing EVERYONE needs.


No matter what your Facebook status is,  no matter how much money you make, no matter where you live in the world…it’s just like the song says.

And, Readers and  Blogging Buddies of mine:


On a side note, I also want to wish my wonderful grandma Happy 103rd Birthday today!  Yes!





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