On my way to work

There is a little trip I like to take when I have some extra time in the morning on my way to work.  I usually take the longer drive when Maycee is visiting family down south since there are no school lunches to make, no “hurry-up, we’re gonna be late” agendas to keep. I look forward to this trip.  A trip along the back roads that twists and turns in and out of beauty. Farmland

And, as I drive I look around at the farms and ranches.  I dream of what I hope to have some day, probably after Maycee is grown, but one never knows: a little land of my own with a corral for the horses, some goats,  a big old dairy cow named Betty, a ranch dog with a bandana tied around his neck, some barn cats keeping the mice at bay, and a vegetable garden to make my own salads.


I drive slower than normal when I take this trip.  I don’t look at the clock and think, “Gosh, only 5 more minutes until I make it!”  The ocean is just over the hill, and I’ll see it again tomorrow.  But, for today, I’m taking a trip.

Tree tunnel

I meander.  My mind doesn’t race.  I’m focused on my surroundings and the tranquility of it all.  Respite.


Coming out of the tree tunnel and enjoying a few more turns I crest upon the first vineyard that we farm in the valley.  Freshly planted last year, the vines are already growing up.  I see the big restored barn, and the corners of my mouth automatically widen into a smile. My trip is almost over….but, not quite…

Greengate horsies

Gotta pull over and see the horsies before arriving at one of my homes away from home.


And, here we are! Traveling is a state of mind, not necessarily an expensive way of seeing the world.  I’m so grateful I get to take trips like these right where I live and feel like I’m on vacation within minutes.   I’m even more grateful for the destination that is my life.


I haven’t posted in a month!  What the heck!?!  But, we’ve been battling illness in my house-the grueling chest cold that won’t go away.  Slowly, but surely, we’re both feeling better now.  Then, there was spring break.  And, as I explained in my post “Why I Believe in Taking Chances”, we had to put Fancy down.  I needed time to grieve.  Time to sort things out with God, once again.  To get to a place of peace and plant my feet on solid ground.

The circle of life has shown itself again.  There are two horses in need of some extra attention right at our own barn, and the owners have been gracious enough to let us ride them and “play” with them every chance we get. I’m still able to work at the barn, also, and keep our tack and supplies on hand.  I will begin leasing one of the horses starting in May, allowing me to get my checkbook back on track after all the vet bills have been paid.

I’ve also been reading the book “Heaven Is For Real” and feel convinced more than ever that I will see Fancy there, along with every other animal and human I’ve ever lost.  This has settled my heart.

So, Happy Spring everyone!  Happy Easter!  And, if you can, take a trip this week in your hometown.  Meander.  Dream.  And, when you see something sweet, give a chuckle.


Fancy 111513
I’ll see you in Heaven, girl!

Author: singleworkingmomswm

I love to write, and I love raising my daughter. The two combined have prompted me to create a blog about being a single working mom. Life's a trip, and I tend to take the windy roads.

15 thoughts on “On my way to work”

  1. Lovely pictures. What beautiful scenery. I haven’t been able to post anything substantive in over a month either due to all my life responsibilities. There just isn’t time.

  2. You have been sitting on my heart Kasey, knowing you are grieving I have worried for you both. I knew your resilient spirit would find love and light and carry you and Macey through this hurtful period, but still you have been sitting my heart. I am glad, you have begun to heal. I am glad you have found places to find comfort. Someone recently told me, grief doesn’t have a clock and each of us must find our way through the best we are able. Please know, you can always find comfort from those who care. I have a shoulder and an ear to lend to you, for whatever you need.

    1. Thank you so much, Val. I plan to call you, hopefully this weekend! I just want to hear your voice, a friend to a friend. I am for sure doing better in many ways. It was a little dark there for awhile, but I don’t do well in the dark. I prefer light. A lot of light! So, with prayer and understanding and wonderful friends like you, I kept putting one foot forward, one day at a time. 🙂

  3. What a lovely drive to work!! I can imagine how tranquil it must feel, sailing along those roads. I’m always so impressed by your ability to continue to hope, to wish and to dream. You are amazing.

    1. Oh, thanks, Holly. It is beautiful country here, and I have to keep my dreams. I do believe they will be real one day if I keep believing in them! Otherwise the struggle seems all for not. 🙂 Hugs! XOXO

  4. Lovely. I like your take on travel & your ever positive attitude, always finding something to lift your spirits helps to lift mine. Over the winter I saw “Heaven is for Real” in the bookstore and was compelled to by it for my mom. I don’t know why but I bought it and sent it to her in Florida. Two weeks ago, we went to see it together in the theater. It gave me hope that even if you are not a church going christian, heaven can exist for you too; it can be exactly what you imagine it to be. Nice post dear friend!! xoxox Karen

    1. Yes! I really hope for this….even this morning as my 103 year old grandma passed away last night, Maycee and I were talking about hoping to see her in heaven one day. She was a non-believer, so I told Maycee, just not so sure how that works! Then Maycee said (in all her wisdom), well, I think we will see her there because God can’t blame her that nobody taught her about Him! LOL Agreed! 🙂

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