Riding a bike and embarrassing my kid

Last week I went searching on Craig’s List to find a cheap used bike so that I could go riding with my daughter. Because she wants to go on a group ride with the kids from her school to a local ice cream parlor in May, she has recently been practicing with more fervor than ever before. SHE expressed to ME that she wanted me to get a bike so I could ride with her.  Thus, the Craig’s List search began.

I was totally freaked out when I saw what people were trying to get for their used bikes! Like HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS! I had an Oh-SH– moment and thought, “What the heck?! Whatever happened to getting rid of stuff out of the garage for a few bucks?” Nope. I guess like everything else in the world, the cost of bikes has risen, and therefore the cost of cheap used bikes has also risen. Risen above my checkbook’s desire.

Feeling forlorn and thinking I was going to have to liquidate my already meager savings account to settle for a beat-up used bike that was missing wheels, or brakes, or a chain, or handle bars, I emailed a work friend of mine for help who is very much into sports and has many friends who are also into sports: friends who might have bikes stored up a plenty in their garages that they no longer use. Maybe even friends who might take pity on a mom in my shoes and offer their bikes for much less than the Craig’s List penny thieves. Within a couple of hours we crossed in the hallway,  and she asked, “Did I tell you about your free bike?”


“Ya, I couldn’t remember if I told you or not I’ve been so busy outside, but my friend still has a bike of hers that she no longer uses and was going to dump. She said you can have it. It’s just been tuned up, and it’s yours!”

“FREE BIKE?” “FREE NICE BIKE?!”  “With wheels?  With working brakes??  With a chain???  With handle bars????”  “YAHOO!”

That evening I grabbed Maycee from school, we quickly ate dinner, and then promptly went over to my work friend’s house to see my new set of wheels. Of course, I had to test-drive it!

As I found my way upon the seat I also found that I had forgotten how to balance. I had forgotten after 26 years what it felt like to go down a hill, use hand brakes, and how to turn in a circle.  On. A. Bike.

The entire time I could hear Maycee muttering, “Oh, no, Mom. She (speaking to my friend) needs a helmet.  This isn’t going to be good.”  Then yelling, “Mom, don’t fall!”  Back to my friend, “This is EMBARRASSING.”

I didn’t care, though. I kept going, and I DIDN’T fall. I wobbled plenty, but I stayed on and made it safely back to my starting point. Only upon the dismount did I actually almost fall over. OK….a little embarrassing, sure.

But, you know what “they” say about something you haven’t done in awhile….”It’s like riding a bike!”

Well, it’s true for ACTUALLY doing that very thing.

Maycee asked for it!  And, like the obliging parent I am, I found a way with a little help from a friend and a friend of a friend’s generosity.  Embarrassing my kid?  That was just an added perk (wink).

My new set of wheels!


Have you had to do anything recently that was “just like riding a bike”?  If so, please share!

And, even through those embarrassing moments go ahead and give a chuckle.




Author: singleworkingmomswm

I love to write, and I love raising my daughter. The two combined have prompted me to create a blog about being a single working mom. Life's a trip, and I tend to take the windy roads.

17 thoughts on “Riding a bike and embarrassing my kid”

    1. Well, in my sad and sorry experience (lol) I’d have to agree with you. Riding a bike entails a basic set of skills that you use over and over again. Dating entails a mish-mosh of messiness that has absolutely NO rhyme or reason and a lot of jerks in the middle. 😉 But, the one thing that is the SAME as riding a bike…when you fall, you get back on and try again. 🙂 XOXO

  1. haha! Oh I can’t remember the last time I rode a bike. BUT, I recently went roller skating at the local rink with my kids at a birthday party and thought I was doing to pass out. I was petrified even though I had skated for years as a kid. After awhile I did get used to it again and was doing great. But I’m so old now that my back and my ankles were sore for days after.

    1. Oh, isn’t that the truth!?! My ex-hubby and I went roller skating years ago (pre-Maycee) and had a blast, BUT, it took awhile to get the hang of it again. And, actually, I was never very good as a kid. I once attempted a cartwheel on rollerskates and promptly slipped and broke my arm. Yes. I am still that ridiculous today. 😉 XOXO-Kasey

  2. Ha! My daughter wants me to get a bike, but I’m dubious about anything with two wheels and no radio. For me ice skating was a little like that. I remember myself as Michelle Kwan, but when I took my preschooler ice skating recently, it was a struggle to stay upright!

  3. You and your bike look like they were made for each other! I still have my bike that my children purchased for me for Mother’s Day around 30 years ago. Periodically, I’ve gone years without riding it, but I’m back to hitting the trail and alley ways (I carry pepper spray for any attack dogs). But as for ‘like riding a bike…’, I know when I return to work after being off for a month, I’m going to have to ‘relearn’ what I learned before. Have fun riding with your daughter, it’s a great way to see nature–stop and smell the roses!

    1. Thanks so much! That is great that you still have your bike and are once again using it! Between horse riding and our bikes, my kiddo and I will definitely be enjoying the great outdoors. 🙂 XOXO-Kasey

  4. Good for you!! You are a great influence for all the moms out there who are struggling with the day to day. You remind to add a little sprinkle of adventure to our lives, because life is meant to be fun. Hope your bike rides are great and Maycee gets over her embarrassment soon. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Holly! She has gotten over it, as I’m now riding footloose and fancy free! The bike feels better as I’ve had some practice now, and I love it. We rode around Monday night, and it was so great (even though it was chilly and windy, burrrrrr). XOXO-Kasey

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