Through Kid-colored Glasses

Summer break is on our heels.  With only two weeks left of school, it looms over my head like a hawk scoping out its prey.  Summer break means summer camp.  Summer camp means weekly dues.  The schedule doesn’t stop like it used to when I was young.  Mom (me) still has to make lunches every day.  Kid (Maycee) still has to wake up at 7:30 A.M. and get ready to be gone 9 hours, Monday through Friday.  The only difference between school and camp is that there is no homework, and I have to pay for it.

We’ve accepted the pace of our life.  Maycee used to complain.  She used to point out that most of her friends didn’t have to go to camp.  I used to point out that their moms got to stay home or they had aunts and uncles, grandparents or siblings to watch them.    She used to say things like, “It’s not fair!  I don’t ever get a break or get to sleep in and watch cartoons!”  I used to get mad and tell her, “Well, life isn’t fair!”  Now I don’t.  We don’t say these things anymore.  We don’t complain about the state of our union as single mom and daughter.  We don’t point out the inevitable and wish it were different.  We’ve accepted the pace of our life as it is, and after several years, it’s okay.

Now we know what to expect for camp.  Maycee knows where she will be going, and we sign up well in advance so we can anticipate the fun weeks planned, the visitors who will come and bring animals or do dances or show the kids how to garden or build things.  Instead of being angry, I say things like, “Gee, I wish I could go!” And, Maycee responds, “I know, right?!”

We plan two weeks out of the summer during the beginning and end that she will visit Grandma in sunny So. Cal.  They set up a pool in the backyard and leave it up all week to splash around in, and do crafts, play Barbies, and sometimes go to the movies or shopping.  And, we usually plan for a mini-vacation just the two of us…

Last year was the best because I saved enough moola to rent a trailer for camping and take us to a water park.  It was perfect weather, and my best friend and her kids even met up with us for the day!

With two weeks pending until summer break I’ve been fretting, hemming and hawing about not having the money for a trip this year.  I’ve been stewing in those single mommy “less-than” emotions…the “why didn’t I’s” or “I should have’s” or “if only’s”.

“We’re going camping again, right?”

“Ummm, well, I’m not sure, honey.  Maybe not his summer.”

“Oh. (Pondering…)  Well, we can just camp in a tent!  We don’t need a trailer.”

“We’ll see.  Not sure what I can afford this time.”

Ugh.  These constant admissions of no-can-do wear me down.

Last night, we were driving home from an errand after school, and the subject of having a vacation came up again.

“Who needs to go anywhere, anyways, Mom?!  I mean, we have horses to ride!  We live in a pretty place!  We have a nice house.  We have EVERYTHING!”

Driving, trying to focus, I looked in the rear view mirror back at my effervescent girl.  Her eyes bright and lit with joy, she convinced me of these inherent truths.

“Why, yes, we do!” I confirmed.

Smiling, I dropped the rock and decided to take a view through my daughter’s kid-colored glasses.


Summer is indeed coming, Readers!  Whether you have grand plans for Disney World or grand plans for the best staycation ever,  if you’re feeling overwhelmed I suggest you take a moment to see the sights through your child’s eyes.  I just bet a weight will be lifted, and you will give a chuckle as you wonder how you missed the beauty before.




Author: singleworkingmomswm

I love to write, and I love raising my daughter. The two combined have prompted me to create a blog about being a single working mom. Life's a trip, and I tend to take the windy roads.

12 thoughts on “Through Kid-colored Glasses”

  1. Aww… this is such a special post. You are trying your best to do all you can for your daughter and it sounds as if you are doing a good job. There is so much in life that is ‘not fair’ for all of us, and as a child, it’s even harder to accept. God is giving your daughter the grace to get through it all and He is showing her the blessings she and you have, and she is right, you do have things to be thankful for and happy about. I know I for one tend to over look all the ‘small’ and simple things God has given me. If we have good health, a place to sleep and food to eat, clothes to wear, we are truly blessed. Anything else is icing on the cake–even though sometimes we think that icing is a little ‘thin’! As for our trials, I have learned that ‘this too will pass’. She won’t always have to go to camp and you probably won’t always be single. Sometimes when we look back, what we thought lasted so long and was so unbearable, didn’t last all that long at all (but, hey, yeah, it was horrible!)

    1. Thanks so much for you reply! Yes, you are correct, and I’ve even used the exact example you gave about merely having clothes, food, and shelter for Maycee, as this items actually make us rich in abundance compared to most of the world. Sometimes, when I get stuck in the blue, it is just these little snippets of positivity that Maycee brings in the right moment to snap me out of it! Thanks for reading and sharing! XOXO-Kasey

  2. Why I do believe I love the team of K & M! What a pair you are. I have a friend who I dearly love, he is the polar opposite of me, sees much through the lens of the world is a terrible place (I know there are monsters). To egg him on, whenever I sign my name in e-mail I sign it “helplessly hopeful”. It annoys him to no end, he doesn’t understand how this is possible given the life I have lived and the things I have seen, so I tell him it is simple. There is always something good to be found, even in the darkest day and then I remind him, ‘I love you, isn’t that a good thing?’ He never has a response to this simple answer.

    I love me some K & M!!!

    1. Ha, you made my day, Val!! Thank you! I read about one of your friend’s comments in your last (or one of your last) blog posts, and even though we do have to live through some terrible things and hear about terrible things all of the time, if we lose hope, then it’s all over. I’m so grateful I don’t live in the negative. I go there to visit, for sure, but my stays aren’t long, and pretty soon I’m back into gratitude. I love me some Val, too! XOXO

      1. Some days it is all I can do, you know. Some days I have to work for it. This weekend, it was hard for me. But I searched and found nuggets and simply said, ‘thank you for putting this before me, thank you.’


  3. This was really beautiful. I stress about summer too, trying to fill the time with things that I think my daughter will like, knowing that I need her to be at camp so I can work, when I’m sure she’d rather stay home. Your daughter’s observations about the many things you have are so perceptive and just great. You two sound like a good team!

  4. I love your frankness — and I love her spirit! She speaks the truth, you know. 🙂

    We have similar plans — work, camp, cheap and lazy days at home and at the pool. Little hikes, bike riding. Nothing out of control. Sometimes I’m grateful for a shoestring budget — it helps me keep my priorities straight and life simple.

    1. Thanks, Chrissie! I love Maycee’s forever positive spirit, too. And, I don’t mind living paycheck to paycheck so much, but there are times I wouldn’t mind being able to just say, “Let’s go do that!” without worrying about the financial consequences, ya know? But, as long as she’s having a good life, I should not complain. 🙂 XOXO

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