Dad’s Who Rock….This One’s For You!

When I worked in retail many moons ago…one of my favorite experiences was seeing a young dad come into the store (junior girl’s apparel nonetheless) with his young wife, and he’d be the one carrying the baby in a baby backpack. Floppy hat (the dad…and the baby), stuffy in one hand, bottle in the other, and smiles for miles. I was young, myself, then. Not married (yet), no kids of my own (yet), and I soaked up the joyful expressions and coos and giggles of these little ones, beeming because they had dads who rocked. Dad’s who wanted to be there with them and take care of them. Dad’s who cared so much for their mommies that they were willing to be the baby carrier so the young ladies could shop to their hearts content.

I will be spending this Father’s Day weekend with my own dad-a first for many, many years. And, to add sprinkles on top I will also be spending it with my super special boyfriend. We will all be going to the local car show, which takes over the entire city grid, laughing, eating, and…well…car drooling. While my own dad wasn’t the baby backpack wearin’ kind, he’s been there for me always, willing to catch me if I fall and there to encourage me, even if I had to look in corners. As for my boyfriend, he wore the backpack, and he loved every minute of it, and given the chance he’d do it allllll over again, I’m willing to bet (willingness to bet based on previous stories heard).

And, to all of you single working moms who carry the backpacks, mow the lawns, cook the meals, bring home the bacon, take out the trash, kill black widows, dig for worms as well as endulge in tea parties, I hope you also enjoy a bit of Dad’s Day. After all, like the SWM’s theme song says, “We carry two jobs for the price of one.”

Happy Father’s Day! The dad who rocks is the kind of dad who’s a rock himself. Here’s to Y.O.U.!


Ya, YOU!

Candy canes…I just can’t get enough

Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays!

I find myself whisteling this through the hallway at work.  I believe I’ve subconsciously fixated on this song because I am indeed going home for Christmas this year.  And, with Christmas fully invading the Yellow Submarine now, despite myself, I’m one hundred percent in the red and green spirit.  Santas are on the piano. Snowmen are in the bathroom. Twinkling star lights are running across our front porch.  And…candy canes fence in the carport.

 Ho, ho, hoooooooo!  Meeeeerrrrry Christmas!

One of the first sweet items I buy for the this time of year are candy canes.  Peppermint candy canes (although I bought some cherry rainbow ones, too, just for the kids, you know, honestly, pinky-swear). When I wrap my first Christmas presents, I can’t wait to open up a candy cane and let it sit in my mouth as I cut, tape, bow-tie, and gift bag the items.  The peppermint juices barely stay in as I adjust the cane back and forth in a delicate balancing act while my hands are in action.  Along with candy canes I now have peppermint Milky Way squares and peppermint candy cane white chocolate Hershey’s Kisses.  I make myself a wonderful, warm cup of peppermint coffee each morning by breaking a piece of candy cane and putting it squarely in my coffee filter amidst the dry roast to melt perfectly into my cup.  Right now, as I write, I’m drinking a cup of tea I made with….you guessed it…candy canes, sugar, and creamer, to blend the most spectacular homemade Candy Cane Tea Latte, probably only costing me a mere few cents, rather than $4.00. SWM tasty-tight-budget-tidbit of the week! Not that I’d deny a peppermint mocha from any one number of fine establishments either when offered by my fabulous boyfriend, or while I’m out and about picking up additional loot.

This week I plan to make what assumes to be the most delectible of delights: the peppermint candy cheesecake.  Maycee has even posed the suggestion of adding candy canes to brownies.  It’s a catching disease…the candy cane…it truly is.

Candy canes, of course, mean more to me now than just a sweet pepperminty treat.  I’ve been taught the story of the red and white symbol, and tonight, Maycee told me the story once again, as she learned it in Bible class after school.  Her version went like this: 

Mom, did you know there was a candy maker, I think from Germany, or something, and he decided he was going to make a plain, white stick of candy?  Later, another guy decided he was going to add red stripes to represent the blood Jesus shed for us, and he also made the stick into a “J” to represent the “J” in Jesus.  But, it also is called a candy cane because it is shaped like an actual cane.  Isn’t that cool?” 

Yes, it is very cool, and hearing her tell the story to me in her own words is just another way to stay close to the reason for the season. And, when it comes to either meaning, I just can’t get enough.

A side note…I’m posting this many days after it’s writing.  My computer is so slow, I think I might just throw it over the back fence into the barranca later.   Perhaps, even though I’ve taken Maycee to visit Santa already I should go hit up the Jolly Ol’ Elf myself.  Number one on my blogging wish list?  Yoooooou guessed it! 

Have a terrific week, Readers.  I have more in store, more stored up, and as my ancient device allows, it’ll make its way to your email boxes-more than likely-just as it is needed.  Life is too short to get upset for very long, though; whether this time of year or any.  With that in mind: be happy and give a chuckle!  Eh-hem, rather, give a Ho, Ho, Hooooooooooo, Merrrrrry Christmas!